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    Sometimes when people loose they want to blame it on other stuff. This is the case when they call you campers, etc.

    Don't use glitches though, Epic is supposed to fix them but we all know they're never gonna change the big ones like sitting behind the core in Downtown, hiding with the flag in Suspense on a spot where you cant be shot, etc etc.


      Originally posted by xPloSiV View Post
      ^Aww...thats actually a good idea i guess

      about spwan killing


      you have to do it sometimes aye? :P

      like in kargo or suspense with the hellbelnder
      Exploits are fine if you keep them offline.


        - For the love of God, destroy that **** prime or countdown node instead of pwning yet another player!
        - If you find yourself bashing noobs that don't know what to do with the orb, just learn to play without it.


          Quit turning off fog volumes, you Sandstorm hackers.

          FFS, we're probably just going to remove that map from our custom server because the ini tweakers have a CRAZY advantage over the people who just come in and play. I really wish Epic would make this impossible to turn off, or make it so if one person has it turned off, it's off for everyone.


          There probably is no good solution, which is why we'll probably just get rid of it.


            A good solution for you is to turn it off. Then they won't have an advantage over you.....


              I don't care about it being fair for me. I'm talking about ini tweakers having a MASSIVE advantage over people that just join and play.

              Everyone should not have to tweak ini files just to be on the same playing field as everyone else. This isn't an ini tweak that, you know, adjusts your min frame rate or something. This is akin to an ini tweak that makes bodies glow through walls if you turn it on.

              It's completely unfair, and not to me. I don't care. I can hold my own against them, because I'm pretty decent at the game. It's unfair to people joining the game or ones that don't go googling around the internet trying to find ways to subvert the game to make it easier for them.

              We need a mutator that forces fog volumes.

              Or better yet, one that swaps your settings. So turns it on for tweakers and off for normal people. That would be hilarious. To me anyways.


                Because I don't intend to have seizures and eye fatigue, there's an ini tweak/cheat/exploit/"whatever you prefer to call it", that I can't live without. The one that removes this ****:


                Do you consider it unfair advantage? I don't care.


                  Originally posted by TWO_FASE View Post
                  3. Using the shape charge or redeemer missle to take out either prime node or core. (i think its okay as long as u have the go ahead to take out the core after nodes have been linked)
                  wait, what?
                  Are you implying that you can still destroy a shielded core with a shaped charge?

                  I thought that bug was addressed in patch 1.2(?)


                    yes indeed!


                      Originally posted by TWO_FASE View Post
                      yes indeed!
                      i take that back. i heard of it to be done. i've used it when i was able to "ATTACK THE ENEMY CORE"


                        it was once possible, yet nearly impossible, to attempt to damage the core with a charge.


                          Actually it was quite easy to do. Just put the charge on the core and make sure it blows you up too. It's fixed for the PC at least.


                            It's a bit of a double standard for some people to endorse the use of ini tweaks but have the audacity to call the 'behind core tactic' on Downtown a glitch that shouldn't be used. Both of those things can be done by anyone. In fact the the so called glitch on Downtown can be done in game (as in internally) whereas the ini tweaks are done externally (as in not in game). So if any of the the two should be deemed to be an exploit, then it's ini tweaking.

                            Personally I'm not against either because they're both reasonably easy to do and are pretty accessible to everyone without requiring a huge amount of effort. However, I don't think it should be possible to remove fog volumes. There'd be nothing 'unfair' about that if fog volumes were forced on everyone.


                              Originally posted by bclagge View Post
                              Just my 2 cents:
                              6. If you see someone loading up rockets go behind them, not in front.
                              Honestly, I could keep going but they just keep getting more like general tips.
                              The number of times that I have died due to this is not funny, seems that something about UT3 Warfare causes new players to A) clump together waiting to be killed on mass in any fight and B) be totally oblivious to what is going on around them or just don't care who on their team they cause to suicide by getting in the way.

                              Talking of getting in the way, what is wrong with going around people on your team instead of constantly trying to go through them ? I have seen people try to hoverboard though stationary Goliaths and others pinning Orb carriers into corners before! Let this type of player get in a vehicle and they are more of a liablity than an asset to your team.

                              To sum this up give people on your team some space !


                              Spawn killing is just a low and cheap tactic you can use to pad out your individual score, no more than that. Camping is fine imo, though mot very productive for your team.


                                LOL! i agree