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    Bot AI: Warfare

    Hi all,
    I've played several years at ONS with UT2004, now I'm in UT3 but I'm forced to play offline. As most people who bought UT3 are obviously not playing online, I think the bot AI should be the first priority to allow people to enjoy the game. Of course no AI could be as online play, but I've spotted some flaws in the UT3 AI that could be easily fixed.
    I just put here a small list, hoping that someone else can confirm/debate this, and of course, hoping Epic will fix if an actual problem exists

    All the bots I've tried are Masterful.

    - Trying to shoot through walls.
    Sometimese the bots try to shoot to a node through a wall. This happened several times, both with a bot in a vehicle and on foot. It's like they are not seeing the obstacle, and they keep shooting at the wall towards the node (the high part) even if the node it's not getting hit. They keep shooting until something else happens (enemy approaching).
    To replicate this bug, I've seen it in Islander (shooting at the prime node, standing near the south core), and in Dusk (trying to shoot at the tank node from outside).

    - Not focusing on the core.
    Here bots are really different from online play. They don't give enough priority at taking the core down. They don't attack the enemy base enough, and even when they enter, usually they tend to engage enemy players in the base and forget about the core. Sometimes even without enemy players, the bots are just wandering around, taking ages before deciding to attack the core. I've seen even 4 mantas in Torland near/over the core, with no enemies around, just one of them was barely damaging the core, the others were just floating around.
    From what I can see, the AI treats the core in the exact same way as the nodes: it's useless to damage the node if an enemy kills you and then repairs it, so they try to kill the enemy first.
    This is a very annoying bug, that has plagued (even more) even UT2004. When the power core is vulnerable, it should be swarmed with bots with the only purpouse of damaging it, without engaging the enemies at their base.
    It's a bit ridiculous now, when I get all the nodes and nobody is attacking the core. When I have 10 other bots as teammates, it make me wonder, what are they doing?
    This is really important, and I don't think it's hard to fix. Just raise the priority for attaking the core.

    These 2 are the most important, but there are more.
    I'll post them in few minutes...

    Originally posted by xtruder_
    Quite the contrary. people not playing online means that there's something wrong with online play, and that more people would play it online if it were fixed.
    Then open a thread with your complains

    People don't play online becase there is nobody to play with, and to fix this Epic should upgrade the AI experience so that new potential customers are not turned off by the lack of online action.

    Sure, they could just give away free CD keys, but it's more likely they'll fix the Bots instead


      Bots are not using the hoverboard properly (that means, they don't grapple), nor the crouching ability of the Darkwalker. As these will hopefully be fixed in the next patch no need to discuss.

      But bots have other problems with vehicles:

      - Scavenger: they don't use it to enter into buildings. The best use would be in WAR-Floodgate, where they could enter the buildings of the nodes to crush enemies. They just abandon it outside, even at full HP. It would be great so see enemy "balls" bouncing around the nodes.

      - Leviathan: it occourred several times that the pilot is trying to shoot to a turret, but he's aiming slightly higher. I saw it in Serenity, where a Levia from far away was sending a stream of projectiles just above the enemy turret that was shooting it. Overrall the aiming with the Levia seems weird, from a bot that is able to hit you between the eyes from 100 m with Istagib.

      - Nightshade. Not really a problem, but the Bots fails to lay the deployable in key positions, (like, near the node) and they just put one or two at random. Not really a problem, but still, the bots cannot defend a node properly with vehicles.

      If you fix all of the above points, then the game will be -GREAT-
      I like it now, AI is better than UT2004, but please...bring it to perfection


        I'd love it if you could order bots to attack or defend particular nodes.


          I assume your patched up to 1.2? Bot AI and many bot issues were fixed in the patches. Have you tried upping bot skill level? Skilled or Adept bots do a pretty good job. Choose Masterful if you want to get close to online play.

          I do remember when I first played the game, bots were attempting to heal the prime node in PowerSurge from the weapons locker. They would simply shoot straight into the rock like it was not there. There were some other locations as well. The routes and mapping for the bots was incomplete or incorrect. They would also drive vehicles into a wall and not be smart enough to back up, they would usually just abandon the vehicle. They would also just abandon vehicles to hoof it somewhere.

          The number of online players is slowly increasing, very slowly. I play warfare online almost every day, 8pm-midnight. There is nothing wrong with online play. Online play is fantastic. New players are better off jumping on one of the EPIC Midway servers. There were 2 of them I could see about 1/3 to 1/2 full last night. One was a 32 player and the other a 24 player.


            An update about bot not hitting:
            It happened several times yesterday in WAR-Sinkhole, the bot in a Manta just under the core was shooting at the air. The stream of plasma of the manta was passing just below the node, without damaging it. It lasted until the bot changed action.

            Looks like the bots have some aim issue. (look even the Levia point above).

            Could someone from Epic please tell me if this problem is looked at?
            I think it's the biggest issue with the game.


              Bot + Hoverboard = Get Stuck On A Wall


                Yes, and they don't drive well with vehicles either.

                Spotted new problem:
                IN WAR- Powersurge the bots does not care about the centre node (the one that damages the powercore). Even though it's the most important thing of the map, the bot plays only in the "standard" nodes. Everytime they are with an Orb real close the center node, they just pass by to go to the other enemy node. Even if the centre node is abandoned and the node they going to is teeming with enemies.

                Does anybody cares about offline play?

                And can someone from Epic please tell me if these issues are considered?