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So this is where epic got the buzz-saw crane from...

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    by super structure, i meant the ironwork that would be most of the aerial assembly of the machine, and i believe you answered that for me in your later post...essentially, yes, i will be running around out on a girder somewhere, whilst some ne'er do well attempts with high probability for success to shoot me, perhaps in the head. or maybe just off the rigging. to my death.
    are there control room/operators boothes? i'm also guessing that you have playspace above the treads but beneath all the ironwork, where all the enginespace might be?
    i want to fly a redeemer around it.


      There are control room booths but they're not accessible, just for decor. There's no real engine space either, I think it'd have made the base to "open" and now you have to kind of move around in a circular pattern.


        hey guess what
        borderlands is also using this machine

        btw borderlands is an unreal engine based game