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Linux-Client (Please read me before closing with the FAQ-Link :))

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    Linux-Client (Please read me before closing with the FAQ-Link :))

    Greetings Epic and UT-Fans,

    I am aware that there are no recent news about the UT3-Linux-client and lots of rumours are being spread about the status of the client (Steam-port delaying the release, middleware/legal issues, Microsoft being evil as always), but I am not here to ask for a releasedate of the client. Instead, I'd just like to know if there's active bugfixing going on behind the curtains, while these issues are being dealt with and if the changes of the various patches are being incorporated into the installer, so noone has to download the client and lots of patches once the client/installer hits the net.

    Please, I am really begging you, leave this thread open for discussion, don't close it with a link to the old FAQ-thread, as long as we all behave like grownups, without harassing Epic, demanding the client and its final releaseday/status - I'd appreciate that.

    It's just a question. If there's no official answer from one of the Epic-guys, that's sad but fine with me, as long as an active, civilized discussion is allowed.

    Thank you!

    Nothing has changed since the FAQ was posted.