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    danjel i will duel u 1on1 .. tomorrow same time we played today.. i think thats where i get u alot.. is on the 1on1 .. so we can train vs each other..


      Dueling skill is all about how good you are at duel IMO - its good to improve overall movement and awareness but besides that it doesnt translate that well into other gametypes.


        Well this pertains strictly to mouse and keyboard, but my brother was once given interesting piece of advice where fps games were concerned.

        The idea was, you should train yourself to keep the heel of your mouse hand off the mousepad, for fast mousing around. Conversely, when you need precision aiming you should drop the heel of your hand so it rests on the mouspad, raising it again when you're done.

        All of which is far too much trouble for me to try it, but I think it does sort of make sense.

        Anyway, I do believe that posture has a lot of effect. Generally I think you should find a way to sit so that you're comfortable and your range of motion isn't restricted in any way. I think I've been able to improve my game somewhat that way.



          Good point about posture - I played woeful on my friend's computer at his house cause I wasnt used to the desk and chair but that same night I went back home and did much better in my own confinements

          I know it doesnt sound like much of a life does it )


            Danjel, I'll help you out if you want, just grab me next time we're online.


              if anyone wants to give me some advice in duels i would take it hit me up my psn is willisasmith


                I'll add you shortly willisasmith

                Yeah Prodigy, a duel would be cool mate! I guess a duel doesn't lend alot to other gametypes such as vctf but at the same time its always good to fiddle around with sensitivity and try and find what suits against friendly players.

                I played Jorgelius in a duel and once he has the minigun well lets just say I didn't score many points think it was 15-4 or something.

                Can anyone explain what hit scan weapons are? Is it like direct firing weapons like the shock rifle?


                  hit scan = instant hit weapons (stinger primary, shock primary, enforcer, sniper)


                    Originally posted by JohnDoe641 View Post
                    Practicing with bots will just make you worse since:

                    1. Bots move on paths.
                    2. Bots can't and won't move like a real person will.
                    3. Offline matches don't involve ping. What are you going to do when you need to predict your hitscan and you're so used to 0 lag?
                    4. Bots are terrible.
                    5. Bots are terrible.

                    If you are new to a game it certainly helps getting the feeling of movement speed and feeling with the weapons, I can say I've spend HOURS on bot matches in ut99, also played online ofcourse but I can say it definately helped me getting better.