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Custom vCTF Server [PS3]

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    Custom vCTF Server [PS3]

    We all know how hard it is to get custom maps integrated into our community. I am hoping, and I know others are too, that , with a little work and co-ordination, we can get people playing custom maps online.

    This is a list (plus links) of maps that we, as a group, feel are great custom maps and definitely deserve to be hosted on a custom vCTF server. This list is free for discussion and I'll edit this first post with any new maps we find or if you'd like any extra maps added. Suggestions are perfectly welcome.

    Current map-cycle:



    The Dig
    **There are two incompatible versions of this file floating around the net, one packed with the rest of the community bonus pack maps and an individually packed version, for the sake of simplicity it'd be best if everyone got both versions
    CBP3 Version
    Individual Version



    Crater Mining Camp 1.2
    **The last time we ran the server we used version 1.1 so make sure you update your map if you haven't yet



    I am hoping we can try this again soon, a date/time will have to be decided, preferably one where we can get a lot of people at once. I look forward to trying these maps with you all.

    A time for the server will need to be agreed on by as many people as possible. We will try to alternate the hosting of this server with the hosting of the Custom CTF Server.

    Servers will be hosted with GOW_Justice and GOW_Anti-Idle, so credit to them for such great mods.

    I've been trying out these maps all day! I'll make sure to spend time on your server!(^^)


      Yeah I got your message TailSnake, I'm still at work but I should be home soon. Just remember to allow KB/M for me.


        When are you starting?


          now why go to the trouble of letting me know about this by sending me an invite via ps3 and then kicking me from the server? I don't get it...that was mean Was I lagging or something?


            We took it down for a little while, it should be back up now


              Ok now I don't feel so bad


                Good Games tonight, we got a lot of people on the server and it was a ton of fun, we're gonna have to try this again


                  I'll make the effort to join again.

                  Anything that breaks the Suspense/Sandstorm cycle is definitely worth the effort.


                    Originally posted by J_Rivers View Post
                    I'll make the effort to join again.

                    Anything that breaks the Suspense/Sandstorm cycle is definitely worth the effort.
                    Out of the maps we played today, I definitely think megastructure works the best. All the better moments together today were on that map, suspense-necris is good too, but I have a feeling that map isn't going to stay fun once we get 16 people in it. Megastructure still played really well with 10-12 people. Wish you were there for some of the later games, it was a ton of fun.

                    So what do the rest of you guys think of the maps?
                    If we do this again should we keep those same maps on the rotation or change it up?

                    We're thinking of adding Crater Mining Camp, try it out and give some feedback.


                      megastructure = best of the 4 (just my opinion)


                        Best I saw was 8 people. I wish that time difference wasn't around. Was great fun. I would agree that Megastructure is the best of the four we played, though Crater Mining Camp is a really good map.

                        I figure I should add that we are going for the low grav version of Crater Mining Camp. Driving a scavenger is ridiculously fun in low gravity.


                          Same here. MegaStructure was by far the best map. AGAW would come in second (of the maps that were on cycle).
                          Crater Mining Camp Low Gravity (can be found and downloaded on full releases section of this forum) is a great map. Lots of room to move around, and loads of fun. Can't wait to see what its like with more players on the map.

                          I could have done without all the 'lost connection' and 'offline' issues ( happened more last night than usual), but I still managed to have lots of fun. Thanks for hosting.


                            Yeah I really enjoyed the games last night, I got totally owned on AA wet the first time but since I found my perfect spot hiding out in the bins lol I found it alot easier second time around.

                            I guess i'd say to anyone new playing these maps to take the time out to learn out where all the important items spawn, jump boots, shield belt etc.

                            Apart from that to anyone thinking about downloading these maps, don't think about it... just do it! highly competitive matches on a great server.


                              I simply could not find this server guys. I stayed on UTIII till 1:00 am, frantically searching for your VctF game. What was the room named?