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    we would have to see now wouldn't we?


      Originally posted by Deadaim View Post
      acctually i am the best on the ps3, other notables are lex maiden and terry, but lol i come back day one and im suppose to be the ps3 representive? hell no plenty of people have been playing alot and would of put up a much better game.

      and homie_rot have u ever even played me or are you just assuming that? it looks like you just labeled everyone from fna and assume they are the best, they are deffinetly some of the best players but just because your from the xbox and they are you are promoting them.
      you got to be kidding me right.


        u just contradicted urself


          Originally posted by Berzerk View Post
          im pretty sure the PC player will have about 25 kills while the other 4 will have about 4-5 each
          We are talking a four-on-one? With four PS3ers on a small DM map, they will have total weapon/powerup control over the PC player, not to mention that as soon as the PC player dies, he will get obliterated when he respawns, since there are likely to be 2, if not 1, guy(s) right near him. The PC player would be lucky to get 2 kills, if that... No offense, but this isn't exactly such a fair match-up. What about 4-on-2?


            I'd just like to take this time to say I completely respect PC gaming, the ut players that have kept the scene alive for so long, and the talent they all have. I play UT3 on the console, I have played since uc1 on xbox (around 2001), up until now. I have also extensively played PC games, the main focus cpm, just never got into 2k4. This is for the comment on how console players don't understand basic 1v1 gameplay, when infact the notable ones are pretty well informed. But like I said, I respect PC gaming and top ut'ers talent, and console players are no match for their tournament experience and time on the game. simple as that. most of the stuff console players, like myself, use are from playing the pc, or watching pc demos, so it's hard to credit just the console side of things. I know you guys started it, but just take into consideration, we are on a controller. it's a different playing field and too hard to judge how well you'd be on one. we have been on one for a while so naturally we have the upper hand on the ps3.

            deadaim uses a m/kb on the ps3....

            here's some random videos of myself using a controller on the ps3. definatly not my best, but i was asked to take some random clips out from some demos to show the MLG community, and to get them excited for the 360 release.

            here1 and


              deadaim uses a m/kb on the controller and he is still that bad? :<
              Anyway, you were one of the few PS3 players, Jook, who me and a couple of other folks in irc thought was a decent dueler. I wish I knew how to use a controller like that :P. But alas, I don't use consoles!

              You and crab should play xellos or boots, as it might actually be worth a watch.

              And to the comment about the 4v1... I was thinking that since it's a 4v1 it would be on a larger map, not some **** like biohazard :P.


                not to be cocky or anything, but if it was deck i guarantee it would be a smackdown . but srsly i would love to play but not on deck.


                  mappool will be ps3 default maps

                  Team PS3 picks a map to throw out, then boots picks 1. This goes on until there's only 1 map left, and that's the one they'll play on.


                    sounds like a plan.


                      let's wait until i get my new headphones next week if this even happens so that i'm not gimped with only my left ear working


                        add my xfire: jo0k


                          Replied to wrong thread :-S

                          Originally posted by nthexwn
                          As Jook pointed out himself it would be hard to play at a world class level with just a controller. He does come awfully close to playing like he's got a mouse+keyboard though. I've never seen any console player handle the controls quite so well! (I played a bit of UC & UC2 so I know how hard it is to get the weapon switches, dodges, jumps, and aiming to flow seamlessly with just 4 fingers)

                          Even while being limited though there's still a lot of smart play going on in those videos like when he goes for the spawn kill on Sentinel first and then falls back for the belt, and that rocket kill 1:00 into the video on Deck is just ownage! :P

                          I honestly think he could take on a fair portion of the players in the competitive UT3 PC community.

                          It is pretty obvious from watching boots' videos though that the highest tier PC players are a step or two above the highest tier PS3 players. Whether that's a community thing or a controller thing only time will tell...

                          PS: I've never seen that PBJ-walldodge over the amp courtyard into the shield pagoda on Shang before. That's a badass move!
                          props to Jook & Boots!


                            update: should get my headphones next tuesday! ^_^


                              Originally posted by Janes_Addiction- View Post
                              JJ what is the point of these threads? Of course it is going to be massive rape. is not even about PC players vs PS3 players. you talking about top ut players that have been playing since ut99. PS3 Players are all newbs, sorry. not trying to take anything from them, but they are new to the series this is the first game for the PS3. they don't know about map control, spawn rape, double teaming, etc. You can't compare ps3 players with boots who has been playing ut since UT99. we play at a whole different level dude. we're not even in the same catergory than most people who frequent these boards and play this game on PC for the matter.

                              All of the pro UT3 player right now are old ut players from either ut99 or ut2k4 with years of experience. This has little to do with Pc or PS3, you comparing venteran players vs new players, regardless of how good they think they are. even new pc players would get raped by boots. we clearly have an adventage, 9 years of experience for some.

                              How about new PC ut players vs PS3 players and then we will see who wins, that would be a fair match, LOL.
                              you were nice enough person in game just now, but its funny how much **** talk came from 1 person losing his first game back vs one of the top duelers on a diffrent platform then he had even practiced on can lead to.

                              well with about 3-4 hours under my belt i was just playing with you, and i think you'd admit even with my newbie team (probably some of the asswipes who were talking ****) i still did good every game, top scoring on my team and top scoring overall in most.

                              anyhow just proof ps3 player can hold his own you guys were no diffrent then the GOOD people on the ps3, infact alot of the people im running across are alot less deadly mostly because with the auto aim on ps3 and slower speed its alot easier for everyone to hit eachother. ill admit its gonna take some practice getting my regular aim back

                              edit: oh yea and i had like 5 killing sprees and a rampage in 2-3 games. ps3 players suck huh ?


                                Originally posted by Janes_Addiction- View Post
                                PS3 Players are all newbs, sorry. not trying to take anything from them, but they are new to the series this is the first game for the PS3. they don't know about map control, spawn rape, double teaming, etc.
                                I've played every game in the Unreal and UT series apart from Unreal 2, I've also played games prior to those that influenced the mechanics of Unreal/UT like the original Doom and Quake. I know there are other PS3 players in much the same boat on these forums.

                                Just because a person goes out and buys a PS3 doesn't make them a newb or clueless on concepts it sounds like you've learnt after some of them.

                                People are people, not platforms.