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    oh, it's easy: grab the amp.


      I made a video of a FFA match against some godlike bots earlier today. I'll upload it while I'm sleeping.


        yesterday i just tried godlike bots, and they're actually very easy
        i even had to check if it really was godlike..
        even godlike from UT2004 was harder than this, and i'm not even that good...

        i've recorded it
        didn't even pick up the shield belt and redeemer, desiree was timing them the whole match


          Ronvdl, teach me the magic of getting a high quality video on youtube! Yours is the first video i've seen on youtube that doesn't look like utter ****.


            click on the "watch in high quality" link under the video or add &fmt=6 to the url
            of course this only works when you've uploaded a high quality video. mine was 1280x720


              JohnDoe641 had fun matches against Godlike bots.


                wtf you died by a BOT? Are you on my team?.. I'm benching you.


                  I can't seem to get any of these demos to play. I get this error: ?int?engine.errors.demofilemissing?

                  What do I need to watch them?


                    Here's mine, yarr:


                    Edit: thanks to Ronnie for the high-quality YouTube link tip!


                      Originally posted by nthexwn View Post
                      Edit: thanks to Ronnie for the high-quality YouTube link tip!
                      and you pwn a lot more than i do


                        hmmm i don't usually play but godlike bots make me sad. 1vs1 on godlike is a joke.


                          Obligatory 1v1 vs Godlike Bot thing


                          I wanted to respond to this earlier, but I have to work for a living.

                          Also, when I actually made the attempt I found these little ******** a bit harder to deal with than I thought they'd be.

                          Well, I should say, they CAN be difficult, depending on the map. There are some maps on which I found beating these guys to be ridiculously easy. Biohazard for example.

                          Basically I found (as I've often read), that they are very, very good at using hitscan weapons. Biohazard has none but the shock and sniper rifles (and they don't use them much).

                          I have a vid of me beating a poor defenseless godlike bot in biohazard, which I may post later for no good reason.

                          Anyway, this vid is on a map called Hypoxia. It's a lot like Morbias, but with a wider variety of weapons. And also a few health and armor powerups.

                          I found the godlike bots put up a bit more of a fight here.

                          I had to practice a while before I could beat one. I also had to turn the music all the way down. Then I had to turn down the ambient noises quite a bit.

                          Eventually I arrived at a few ground rules:

                          1). On spawning, try to load up on everything, get under cover, and locate your enemy, as quickly as possible, and preferably all at the same time.

                          2). On getting a kill, get under cover immediately. He will respawn shooting. And the enforcer is hitscan. And you are probably down on hitpoints.

                          3). Favor mid range fights with the rocket launcher, flak cannon, goo gun, that sort of thing. They're weakest on that.

                          4). Always stay near cover. If he ducks out of sight, or whips out a hitscan weapons, get behind something. Not RIGHT behind it though...

                          Anyway. I know this kind of thing is frowned upon. But what the heck I enjoyed it.


                            can we have some videos of multiple God Like bots in a match - like deathmatch with 12+ bots?

                            Duels are only fun against humans. Back in UT2004 it was fun dueling with malcom, or xan, or brock - each bot played differently.


                              wow u really went digging there

                              Here ya go though : JJZ vs Godlike Bots