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    Alrighty, now there is one thing I am totally confused about.
    How the **** can you beat a bot-deathmatch in AI settings above Adept!?!
    I have been lucky enough to win plenty of Adept matches (and the key word being lucky) but I hear of people who winge that Godlike bots are too easy and predictable!
    I've been playing since the original Unreal Tournament, so I wonder what it takes to do that...steroids? Giving up life and having sustinance fed to my veins through a drip? Having some expensive operation to increase the speed at which my eyes tell my hands to move? I just don't get it.
    I wish I was good at this game - I mean I am better than most people I know in person, however I hear of people who are just ****ing insane and can beat Adept and above with their eyes closed, hands bound and by only using their chest hair to manipulate the controls.
    Please, can anyone agree with me here? or am I the only one who just can't get there.

    Not that I am very good, but you have to take advantage of the fact that bots are very predictable in how they move and that they don't move around nearly as much as real players in a fight.

    Also it would be smart to keep them from getting their hands on hitscan weapons as they are insane with those


      Yes thats true, however I think people are often easier to verse, because they don't have immediate awareness.
      Seeing as how I don't have a fast enough internet connection to play online very often, I almost always play bot-matches. Is that my weak link?

      (Stinger-rape is one of the main causes of death I have...)
      That and being chewed down with the link gun.


        being totally depressed and the only distraction you have is UT because you lost most of your friends?

        i'ts just a lot practice
        i can beat godlike bots from UT and UT2004, but not yet in UT3, in deathmatch
        warfare against godlike bots is easy (but annoying)

        practice, and learn the tricks. godlike bots have superior reaction times and accuracy to any human, so you have to do some superior tactics
        like predicting where a bot will go and shoot some rockets there or do a shock combo around the corner, stuff like that
        dodge a lot, and don't go to open places
        time pickups so you pick up shields and stuff at the moment they spawn
        take routes bots can't take
        learn how the bots think so you can surprise them

        should i go on? XD


          Beats me. I just play them at masterful.

          I can probably deal with a godlike bot in 1 on 1, but with four or five like I usually go with they just score on each other too fast for me to keep up, quite often.

          anyway that's the excuse I go with



            come to #ut3tdm, where we'll train you to beat godlike bots 1v1 without dying. it's easy.


              Originally posted by Ronvdl View Post
              being totally depressed and the only distraction you have is UT because you lost most of your friends?
              Actually lol...kinda.

              Anybob, I know they are easy to beat on one on one, and I have no doubt they would be easy in Warfare (I usually have them at Adept).
              However, its Deathmatch I'm refering to, and I apologise for not being more specific. (yeah should of mentioned that lol.)
              I actually owned some Adept bots on sanctuary today after having a big fifty kill frag on Skilled beforehand, just getting to know the way the level plays. My main problem with that level (its one I have been having great difficulty winning on) is that there is lots of stuff to get stuck on when you are walking backwards or dodging, then all of a sudden wham your gone.

              I know the times of the Pick-ups, but my maths isn't good enough to be able to deduct a minute thirty-two from a constantly changing number while dodging bullets, lazers and rockets. It makes me sadface.
              The Sheild belt is doable, and so is the Super-health but the ones that respawn at odd numbers like the Beserk, Invisibility and UDamage are hard.

              Maybe I should practise some Maths?


                Someone should make a replay showing off their skills in a 1v1/DM with Godlike bots.


                  yeah 1-on-1 is much easier, they're even more predictible than in usual deathmatches

                  godlike bots somehow manage to kill other bots really fast which makes it a lot harder

                  usually i don't time the pickups that much, except for the important ones, like the invulnerability on fearless
                  but you can really pwn when you time all the pickups, when you learn that (and keeping the shield by not getting hit), you'll see yourself winning more often

                  Originally posted by Exorbitance View Post
                  Actually lol...kinda.
                  it's actually true.. xD


                    Originally posted by Somic View Post
                    Someone should make a replay showing off their skills in a 1v1/DM with Godlike bots.
                    POST BACK HERE WITH RESULTS!
                    13-3, not using any industry-standard duel mutators because i want viewing the demo to be simple.


                    put the file in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Demos

                    where User varies from computer to computer. to get a better view of what's going on, press F10 and type in behindview

                    I'm not the best dueler in the world, but i hope this demo covers the basics of 1v1 gameplay, minus the amp. Epic really should have made a stock mutator to turn it off, because picking up the amp is against the rules for duels. nthxwn made a video on youtube also showing you how to 1v1, telling you to control the armor/powerups blah blah blah.

                    and before anyone (rythem, xdbs, boots, jjz, nthxwn) comes in here to say that i suck because i got killed by a bot, it's simply because

                    Amped sniper + 100% accuracy - UTComp = LOL WUT

                    in this demo: powerup control, scrub settings, WTF BBQ bot hax


                      Originally posted by Somic View Post
                      Someone should make a replay showing off their skills in a 1v1/DM with Godlike bots.
                      POST BACK HERE WITH RESULTS!
                      I actually think that would be interesting to see...not a 1v1, but merely someone who claims to be unbeatable and eats Godlike bots for breakfast fight them in a Deathmatch and win.
                      That would be entertaining.
                      Lol, maybe it rly isn't possible, or you arn't really supposed to do it - like getting a million points on Guitar hero (South-Park joke).


                        Actually I think it was Bebo with the 1v1 godlike bot video:


                        I made a deathmatch jumping video:


                        PS: you got killed by a bot, haha, you suck, neener neener, etc... ;P


                          You got killed by abot.


                            I got killed by Abot


                              There is no shame to be had in being Killed by a bot, I do it all the time. I even lose to bots occasionally, unless I rage quit the match before then.
                              Now thats pretty cool I know, but sometimes - when I've really got the ****s, I do something even cooler. Console open - killbots.
                              Hardcore. lolz.

                              1v1 would be ez, I reckon I could do that, but I don't see the glory of beating a bot in a one on one match...sinply because even I could do it.
                              I'm talking ****ing Deathmatch bots jumping-everywhere-and-never-ever-missing and holy **** the players just raping them...mowing em down?!