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Happy Birthday UNREAL

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    Happy Birthday UNREAL

    Congratulations, You are the Winner!

    10 years ago (afew days sooner or later) Unreal1 was released. THE best game of all times.

    I hope Epic has a present for us, like a Remake of Unreal (12th Birthday is ok, too ).

    I have made a gift:

    Filefront Mirror (thx 2 Slippster):

    It is a UT Theme mixed by BerZ (I hope you don´t mind), I lengthened it and added some taunts and announcer voices frm all UT Games. I inteded to make a music track like the well known Mortal Kombat song. That´s why it is called: UT Kombat Mix

    I was all about Quake before Unreal came out and I've been an Unreal fanboy since.

    Had a Celeron 300MHz overclocked to 450MHz, a VooDoo Banshee video card and an Aureal3D sound card. Played online over dial-up and had such a blast.

    Ten years later and I'm still lovin' this franchise. Warfare is so much fun.


      Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo




          what did u make me to remember...i had just bought my new pc,a P3@450mhz with 128mb ram and an epic voodoo 3 3000.In the box of my card i found unreal1 and from then it started all...The graphics were so amazing that i couldnt believe in my own eyes.Imagine that sometimes i was thinking that my pc stucked in a video and i was pushing the reset button because i thought that this was a video and not the gameplay...It was o great step for me after my AMD 4X86@120MHz with 4mb ram.I was so noob at pc's that i bought an AMD 4x86...These years amd was awfull.I remember that my friend had an intel 4X86@100Mhz and the games were running so good at him.At mine all stucked.Happy birthday unreal!!!!


            Very Nice !!

            I have provided a faster download by mirroring your file at my File Front page.
            your download speed was like 120 kbs... File Front speed is 1 meg per sec.
            add this link to your first post above.......

            UT Kombat Mix MP3
            File Front link

            broadband isp downloads in 12 secs.



              I don't think my gaming life would be the same if Unreal was never made. Keep up the amazing work Epic! And thanks for dowload and great idea Rhyno.


                I didn´t know, FileFront Upload is free.

                I made my own Account now.

                A Year ago I recorded the complete Unreal 1 Soundtrack, including Reurn to NaPali and the UT1 TC Operation NaPali (96 Tracks, all together about 4h 30min). I would share it with you, but I don´t know if it would violate Copyrights.


                  Happy birthday. o/

                  Where is the cake?


                    The cake is a lie

                    Happy Birthday beloved Unreal


                      Happy Birthday to the Greatest Game of All!