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Server Multithreading

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    Server Multithreading

    Got broken in the newest patch making multi core servers useless, thats why ut3 server's cant handle 32+ people without crashing and lag.

    Simple to fix since it was working before the "patch".

    They were informed about it a few days after the patch came out, we expected a quick fix to come out but months have gone by and it looks like they dont regard server multithreading as high priority.

    The warfare community was first to notice it since we play wars with large numbers of people, when the new patch came out we noticed servers were getting laggy and prone to crashing when the pubs filled up.

    As a test multiplay ran a 64 player server and thats when we confirmed ut3 was now only using 1 core due to the new patch, this resulted in server crashes when pubs reached the 36 player mark ,32 players is the safe limit to avoid crashes, but even then a full 32 player server feels laggy and crashes occassionaly with it just running on one core.

    Alot of the epic multiplay servers are now restricted to 12-16 player counts because the servers just cant handle running so many games on one core.

    We also cant add bots for minimal player counts to balance teams when starting a pub because the bots add too much pressure to the single core doing all the work.

    Server multithreading was a feature that worked before the latest patch broke it, its easy to fix and bring back, just needs someone with the will to do it.

    My favourite ut3 mod invasion is almost out of beta thanks to the hard work of Galtanor, but if the server threading problem is not fixed then the whole invasion experience will be ruined by laggy jerky servers. I cant think of anything more demanding on a server than a full pub with hordes of monsters. We need servers to start using more than one core like they did pre patch, ive been a hardcore ut fan since 1999 but the lack of support and almost complete silence on the patch front makes me wonder if its time to try another game!