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pc version of ut3 on a ps3, something to concider

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      Yo Mate ...

      what cpu does the PS3 use ?
      linux running on it isn't an issue - but linux source-code can be compiled for many plattforms - and I bet - EPIC will not recompile UT3 for use on that plattform. So - it will not run if it's not a X86 Based cpu running on he PS3 ...

      Should be doable on a 360 though ...

      Originally posted by skieing View Post
      As some people may know, ps3 can run Linux. Many people may have read that ut3 will have some Linux client in the fAQ section. Being one of those people that knows both, I was wondering If anyone was considering trying to run the Linux version of ut3 on their ps3 when it comes out. I am no expert, but I would expect there would be some sort of problem doing this, otherwise things would be too easy. Probably some graphics and other driver problems. If this idea totally fails, or there is something I am not taking into consideration and I sound like a moron, I hope I at least inform someone that their ps3 can run Linux, and they have fun messing around with it. I only have a pc.


        The Ps3 has a custom processor. So does the 360.

        PC UT3 will not run on either, and both also use custom graphics controllers that the PC version does not account for.

        Originally posted by Teckniec View Post
        Sorry I don't have thousands of dollars to throw into a computer like you or rather I wouldn't want to.
        A PC capable of running UT3 at similar settings as the PS3 costs less than a Ps3. Doesn't need a HDTV to be worthwhile either. I spent around £600 on my machine, and it's capable of running UT3 at absolute max with 128 players.