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How to play UT3 PC in SPLITSCREEN

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    How to play UT3 PC in SPLITSCREEN

    Moddb guide: Jordan Maxwell
    Includes instuctions on how to control second player with one gamepad and how to emulate a XBOX360 controller.

    If you have XBox360 controllers rather follow lordshoot2kill's guide
    lordshoot2kill's Unreal Tournament 3 Split Screen Guide

    Firstly you can activate Splitscreen in two ways. One is by editing the UTGame.ini

    Change the value to 1
    If you want to play the game normally again you'll have to change that value back to 0.

    Play Offline, Host Game, You'll see the game is in splitscreen and it'll start.
    If you choose instant action the game won't start until both players press fire.


    The other way is by using the folowing command in console
    Start a game in Instant Action or host a lan match. Press TAB ingame
    Enter the folowing

    DebugCreatePlayer 1
    The second player will be added in midgame.

    With this is possible to add up to four players, but be careful.
    By default you are Player0
    So if you want to add more players without messing up the controls or crashing the game do this.

    DebugCreatePlayer 1
    DebugCreatePlayer 2
    DebugCreatePlayer 3

    If you want to remove a player do this:

    DebugRemovePlayer 1
    DebugRemovePlayer 2
    DebugRemovePlayer 3

    depending on which player you want to remove(never remove or add player0)

    NOTE :
    Only player0 can click use the game menu.

    Other useful commands :

    Useful for testing out the other players in splitscreen if you don't have gamepads.

    NOTE :
    You'll have to go back to player0 if you want to use the menu.

    SetConsoleTarget (0,1,2,3)
    Allows you to put godmode on for player3 for example. Or if you press jump player3 will jump
    How To Control Both players at the same time?

    So far the only way it's currently possible is to have two supported gamepads.

    If you have one game controller it'll control the first player. In other words the first player will be controlled by the gamepad and K/M.

    List of currently known supported controllers:

    According to ".newzero" two wireless XBOX360 with a wireless receiver works.

    According to "Junk_man32" ps2controllers with usb converters also work.

    List of currently unsupported controllers

    According to "HideInLight" XFXForce controller


    Still have the problem of how to control one player with K/M and other with gamepad.

    How to set keybindings for the second player is still not fully known yet

    The Left analog's stick Y-Axis is inverted. In other words Down = Forward and Up=BackWards
    A temporary fix for the above mentioned problem is the folowing: (Credit to AcidVenom)
    Open up your UTInput.ini and look for this command line under the [Engine.PlayerInput].
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_MoveForward_Gamepad",Command=" Axis aBaseY Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
    Now just change the Speed to a negative number (add -) like this: Speed=-1.0. Save your changes and now the movement controls are switched. All the changes done in the .ini will affect both players.[/CODE]

    A mutator that'll allow you to switch to all the kinds of splitscreens (Vertical, Horisontal, 3 players, 4 without using console commands and ini editing still doesn't exist yet.

    If you have splitscreen on you cannot join another game (with or wthout) splitscreen enabled via network. But if you host a game while in splitscreen mode other people can join your game via network(as long as they have splitscreen mode disabled).

    The possibilty of using 2 mice. It's possible, just not with ut3 atm.

    A other more hacky but still interesting way to get splitscreen:

    Splitscreen With One or Two Monitors Guide by running two UT3's at once

    I'd go more into detail, but suffice it to say, it won't work due to the setup of system resources.


      No i was refering to the real build in splitscreen.



        I doubt that it will be possible without some scripting. Perhaps you need to make the PlayerController load settings from a profile so that it has key bindings?


          has there ever been a fps on the pc with split screen? i cant think of even one.


            What custom characters are those?^^ And I guess someone could use WSAD and a mouse on one side of the desk, and the other can use the numberpad, with Enter as jump....But still, I kinda dont see how anyone's going to run splitscreen on PC without a monster rig....Too much **** to render....


              Weren't those splitscreen-screenshots regarding the Xbox 360-version??


                Originally posted by Slippster View Post
                has there ever been a fps on the pc with split screen? i cant think of even one.
                Serious Sam FE and SE.


                  Originally posted by Froooooom View Post
                  Weren't those splitscreen-screenshots regarding the Xbox 360-version??
                  Don't think the XBOX360 has action cam or nowhere map nor the warhammer model pack.

                  Originally posted by BlackDemise View Post
                  What custom characters are those?^^ And I guess someone could use WSAD and a mouse on one side of the desk, and the other can use the numberpad, with Enter as jump....But still, I kinda dont see how anyone's going to run splitscreen on PC without a monster rig....Too much **** to render....
                  Didn't get any framedrops at all. Hell, I'm suprised how well 128 bots with the warfare+ mod ran on my PC, the unreal3 engine is brilliant...
                  Gampads and Joysticks also a possibility. 2 Gamepads if you wanna play fair lol...

                  Originally posted by Slippster View Post
                  has there ever been a fps on the pc with split screen? i cant think of even one.
                  Yup, but not many. In serious sam's case you could also to multiple mice, but one had to be serial so not many gamers bothered then and decent gamepads for fps didnt exist back then either. Jsut because splitscreen isn't visible in other fps doesn't mean Ut3 should be without it. See it as plus point for having something other games fail to have or even bothered with.
                  Besides there's always UT2D and racing mods on the way...

                  Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
                  I doubt that it will be possible without some scripting. Perhaps you need to make the PlayerController load settings from a profile so that it has key bindings?
                  That's why I'm asking. Hopefully someone can make a sample script if that's the case. Even if it just shows you how to make the player jump. If it's more complicated is there anychance of including it in future patches?

                  Change the value from 0 to 1

                  As for multiple mice input it seems the technology is already there and doesn't require a serial port... has some examples of games you play using two mice. Don't think UT3 will ever see this kind of thing since it'll need to be implemented and that would be one huge undertaking...


                    Nice find really, seems the engine has alot more in it then is presented so far, though maybe it's only also in the PC version because they are doing it for the xbox (same engine etc).

                    Could be fun tho playing with 2mice/keyboards :P


                      Can someone with a XBox360 controller please try this out see if it works.
                      Try Instant Action first. If that not work. Play offline Host game.

                      If you have 2 XBox360 controllers try that to.

                      I'm starting to think you need those controllers specificly for this to work properly.

                      Post here to confirm that it works/doesn't work.


                        I don't have an XBox controller but I have been fooling around with it. One thing I noticed, which I am sure you noticed also Hide, is the controls revert back to the default commands. I found it was getting the commands from the first section of the UTInput.ini. I made full copy of that section, changing the title name to stuff like 'Engine.PlayerTwoInput' (not sure that's correct title, at work now) to get like a mirror effect with no luck. I was hoping it be something so simple.


                          It wont be something like player two, its more likely, based on coding:

                          engine.Player[1]Input and for player 3 engine.Player[2]Input etc.

                          I have got an xbox controller that works for my pc so im gonna try this out for sure!

                          Wait, who was it that managed to edit an ini for the ps3?

                          Surely you could add a splitscreen gametype, eg dm for test. That uses a uses a custom utgame?

                          I bet the ps3 would set the controls up correctly...


                            I can now confirm that unless you use two xbox contollers this is of little use.

                            My xbox controller only controls player 1


                              I was afraid about the one XBOX360 controller thing won't really know unless there is two plugged in.

                              I found a nice utility that might help figure out this problem.

                              You can search multiple text files or in this case .uc files for a word.

                              Typing in splitscreen gives a few very interesting results.

                              The uc that contains the most information about splitscreen is GameViewPortClient.uc

                              Might wanna check it out. This is what was found

                              Windows Grep Search Results
                              00083: * Enum of the different splitscreen types
                              00085: enum ESplitScreenType
                              00109: * Structure to store splitscreen data.
                              00111: struct native PerPlayerSplitscreenData
                              00120: * Structure containing all the player splitscreen datas per splitscreen configuration.
                              00122: struct native SplitscreenData
                              00124: var array<PerPlayerSplitscreenData> PlayerData;
                              00127: /** Array of the screen data needed for all the different splitscreen configurations */
                              00128: var array<SplitscreenData> SplitscreenInfo;
                              00129: /** Current splitscreen type being used */
                              00130: var ESplitScreenType SplitscreenType;
                              00132: var const ESplitScreenType Default2PSplitType;
                              00133: var const ESplitScreenType Default3PSplitType;
                              00318: /** Rotates controller ids among gameplayers, useful for testing splitscreen with only one controller. */
                              00346: /** debug test for testing splitscreens */
                              00349: SetSplitscreenConfiguration( ESplitScreenType(mode) );
                              00473: /** Sets up the splitscreen configuration and does some sanity checking */
                              00474: function SetSplitscreenConfiguration( ESplitScreenType SplitType )
                              00478: SplitscreenType = SplitType;
                              00485: SplitscreenType = eSST_NONE;
                              00488: if ( (SplitscreenType != eSST_2P_HORIZONTAL) && (SplitscreenType != eSST_2P_VERTICAL) )
                              00490: SplitscreenType = Default2PSplitType;
                              00494: if ( (SplitscreenType != eSST_3P_FAVOR_TOP) && (SplitscreenType != eSST_3P_FAVOR_BOTTOM) )
                              00496: SplitscreenType = Default3PSplitType;
                              00500: SplitscreenType = eSST_4P;
                              00504: for ( Idx = 0; Idx < SplitscreenInfo[SplitscreenType].PlayerData.length; Idx++ )
                              00506: GamePlayers[Idx].Size.X = SplitscreenInfo[SplitscreenType].PlayerData[Idx].SizeX;
                              00507: GamePlayers[Idx].Size.Y = SplitscreenInfo[SplitscreenType].PlayerData[Idx].SizeY;
                              00508: GamePlayers[Idx].Origin.X = SplitscreenInfo[SplitscreenType].PlayerData[Idx].OriginX;
                              00509: GamePlayers[Idx].Origin.Y = SplitscreenInfo[SplitscreenType].PlayerData[Idx].OriginY;
                              00518: SetSplitscreenConfiguration( SplitscreenType );
                              00545: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              00568: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              00591: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              00616: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              00638: * This is different from the pixel size of the viewport since we could be in splitscreen
                              00642: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              00777: switch ( SplitscreenType )
                              01030: SplitscreenInfo={(
                              01050: SplitscreenType=eSST_NOVALUE