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The lessons from UT3 PC

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    The lessons from UT3 PC

    .....or how to make the 360 version a big commercial success.

    UT3 is a brilliant game, that flows and plays amazingly. I prefer it's groundedness to ut2004, but to really, really break through, a few elements are missing.

    -No achievements ingame. This is a key part of multiplayer games these days, and playing to reach level 54 is what keeps a lot of COD4 players going. I can even think of a practical application for rank - the ranking officer takes the orb if there are 5-6 of you huddled round the orb spawner. But badges for sprees, orb capping, and all the other elements of the game would be good. It would also encourage players to play in the turret and every other vehicle to try them out to get the badge for that vehicle.

    -Bringing clans and personal profiles into the game menus itself. This is to build on the community spirit that has been such a key to this game. The key to multiplayer games is that it's an experience against other real people.

    -Having servers that cater only for players of a certain rank - good, novice or mediocre - but you can play just against your peers, and not get slaughtered by those who are far better than you.

    -The first map needs to have a tutorial to teach players how to use the weapons and vehichles, and to learn the subtulties. Ideally, as well, there should be less emphasis on winning rounds in the single player mode - the emphasis should be on personal development and personal achievements. But that's too big an ask - UT4 perhaps!

    Then there are the little things that are niggles, but detract from the overall experience
    -Need to know who is on a server
    -Team fixing and team randomisation (as in teamfix)
    -Shock should transfer a bit more momentum against vehichles. Otherwise it's far to easy to get run over.
    -The extreme blurriness needs to be toned down.
    -The cicada needs to be fixed and made a force to be reckoned with. But unless it gets buffeted by momentum from turrets and shock a fixed cicada will be over powerful.
    -(Ideally) the return of 1st person view for vehichles)

    Rankings is a massive undertaking. The rest are fairly simple.

    Lastly if this major patch could coincide with the 360 launch, with luck, we'll get a second wave of people buying and playing the game on other platforms.

    OMG can we not have this bs badge **** from COD??? We already got "campin whores", "stat whores", and all kinds of whores really, do u really think we need to add "badge whores" to this ? OMG no!

    I like gettin slaughtered by someone who's better than me. Matter of fact that happens every day Good way to learn. Went into a pub the other day after playin only pickups for awhile - and guess what I pwn half the guys there no problem now With a impact hammer

    Also forget the weapon adjustments and try playin the cicada with two people in it - that is pretty powerful if you ask me.


      The reason people do not like unreal tournament is because it takes too much skill and dedication to get good at. It always has. It always will. People don't like to have to manage health and armor and 8 weapons in FPS now a days....