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Keyboard and Mouse Advantage PS3?

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    Originally posted by {DvT}JonahHex View Post
    So? We've moved from "We want cross-platform play" to "using a keyboard/mouse is unfair." LMFAO

    Make up your minds guys. If you PS3ers were to get cross-platform play, you would be playing against keyboard/mouse...and by your own choice.
    cross-platform would be xbox and ps3 not pc...
    pc isn't compatible as the speed of gameplay is really different...


      Speed of gameplay would be the easiest obstacle to overcome.


        yes but not the last... its an impossibility anyway...


          I said nothing about it being the last.


            Originally posted by I<3UT View Post
            I said nothing about it being the last.

            stop flaming and be realistic here.


              LOL what are you talking about! Realistically, game speed is the easiest obstacle to overcome and I said nothing about it being last. I didn't even go into your "impossibility" comment. Stop trolling.


                erm... ok
                does it matter?


                  I doubt it. Another thread will be started about cross platform or some such and someone else will say the speeds are not compatible. Happens over and over. For people who are still interested regardless of difficulty. Game speed is pretty trivial compared to the network and legal issues involved.


                    Originally posted by KlLLiNg_SpRee View Post
                    You mean like people playing with the Ds3 v the default sixaxis? ..... I mean, if anyone posting here knows the advantage of the new controller, yet chooses to say nothing about it, how much better does that make them?

                    *bare with me*

                    The PS3 Frag Fx
                    controller is something that is "unfair". Everyone that hosts controller only matches...takes away the KBM users and allows Frag the PS3 cannot recognize it as anything else.

                    To answer the poll, my opinion:
                    KBM advantage in fragging/foot games..
                    Sixaxix advantage in vehicles.

                    I use a DS3.

                    Anyone who still has the black sixaxis, provided with you PS3...find threads/help about the deadzone in your analog controls. If you've noticed your controller "hanging" (cannot stop your forward momentum) or making you uncontrollably walk/steer vehicles.... you need a new controller.
                    You mean to tell me that the DS3 controllers will actually make you a better shot?


                      alx-ndr, you make no sense.

                      Moving a crosshair towards an opponent and clicking is aiming. You are doing the same thing on a controller as on a mouse, just using different muscles becaues of the different setup.

                      On a controller you move the mini-joystick (or the arrows, I have not touched a console controller in a long time so I don't know if they still have those) in order to get the crosshair over the opponent.

                      With a mouse you move the mouse in order to get the crosshair over the opponent.

                      Both a mouse and a controller require you to press a button to fire. Of course, with a keyboard you could use a keyboard key to fire and the mouse buttons to do something else.

                      Console aiming is as much point and click as mouse aiming, or any type of aiming in fact.

                      For hunting, you point a rifle at an animal and fire.
                      You point your eyes at a particular spot on the basketball board and shoot towards it to make a basket.

                      As to whether keyboard and mouse is an advantage over a ps3 controller, most certainly. If two players were to come up against each other and they had equal skill in map control and it came down to "button mash" speed and aim then the mouse & kb user would be able to access their weapons faster due to having more binds as well as being able to aim more precisely due to the non-linear movement ability of the mouse.


                        Here's a fun concept I know its a funny one so dont spill your beer on accident - playin a FPS game with the two tools it was intended to be played to begin with.... a keyboard and a mouse.... is UNFAIR...


                          [QUOTE=jjz;25374092]alx-ndr, you make no sense.

                          You are doing the same thing on a controller as on a mouse, just using different muscles becaues of the different setup.

                          exactley and the muscles you use with a mouse to aim are steadier than the muscles you use to aim with a controller but also with a mouse my wrist gets tired so your working those muscles more too. But yea man you are right


                            Whatever. He probably will figure out a way to deny the truth. I don't understand the console-pc "war" or whatever you want to call it. Everyone is a person, using a piece of hardware. Just play the game on your platform of choice and don't bother other people.



                              If everybody can choose keyboard + mouse then it's not unfair. It's nobody's fault but your own if you can't adapt to a superior controller. Other than hax there is no cheating in video games. The rule is "If it's in the game it's in the game". Spawn killing? It's in the game. Manta whoring? In the game. Don't like it? Go play super mario. If you are playing the game competitively you should use what ever helps you because if you don't some competitor will. It's foolish not to. Are you really competing if you don't? If you aren't competing then does it really matter if it gives a competitive advantage?


                                Originally posted by alx-ndr View Post
                                yes but not the last... its an impossibility anyway...
                                don't insult the devs lol

                                before you get too many nightmares, don't worry - I am sure there you could still run your safe and familiar ps3-only server! I wouldn't even consider allowing the Xbox Unfair Advantage (I am sure people like you would come up with such concept at some point in time).