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    -make sure you change the settings to where the game is playable with no graphic lag. You do not want the game to be lagging when you need it the most.
    -be random when advancing. You can easily walk or dodge out of the way of rockets and bio. Also when someone is attempting to snipe me, I walk like a drunkard.
    -know your weapons and where they will land when fired. This can simply be practiced offline. Just join a map by yourself and type "Loaded" to get all of the weapons and practice shooting a specific spot, then practice hitting the same spot while moving/jumping/dodging. Dont blindly fire or spam because you are wasting your ammo and you could possibly kill yourself ;l


      The simple fact of the matter is, anyone new to playing online is going to get PWND. It's the nature of the game.

      Learn the maps, spawn points and their closest weps, where the power-ups are, and practice running the map backwards. If you can't get a weapon straight off, switch to the Impact Hammer. Charge the secondary, and if you can get to your adversary and touch them, it will discharge automatically. Don't START a fight if you just respawned, retreat and try to get a decent weapon.

      Spectate, Spectate, Spectate!!! Watch the top players to see their tactics. When I was a n00b this is what helped me most. In a lot of cases the truly L33T players will actually help beginners improve.

      Play FOR THE FUN OF IT, laugh when you get killed and don't sweat your score. With some effort and a good attitude you'll improve.


        A lot of things in UT just take practice to get down, however there are quite a few general tips and strategies that almost anyone can do or consider that can make you a much stronger player, even if your twitchy reflex skills are still in training. I'll try to mention some that I find helpful that I rarely see people talk about.

        Learning the maps and where all the weapons and power ups are is key to DM. It's actually more about strategic map control than fragging your enemies.

        For instance, the shield belt spawns oh, somewhere in the ballpark of about 55 seconds (someone correct me on this) after the match starts and after it's picked up. After you grab it or see someone else grab it, look at the clock on your hud, and determine which time the shield belt will spawn again. (I usually just subtract a minute and add five seconds.) When the clock starts approaching that time, get ready to move in and nab the shield. Whatever you do, do not camp a power up, as you will almost certainly be easy prey.

        Keep moving. I don't just mean moving like bouncing randomly all over the place, but constantly be moving around the map. You should always know where you are going next. Think like: "Okay, I just grabbed the armor, I need health, gonna go to the health. Okay, got health, now I need to grab ammo. Oh, U-Damage is about to spawn, better go grab that." Always be moving, and always know where you are going.

        Go for the higher levels. You're gonna want to use the high-ground advantage in most DM levels with sufficient Z-axis play. Try to stay above your enemies, and only head down to grab stuff and make your runs. Being above your enemy so you can rain down rockets on top of them is usually where you want to be. You can also take cover easier than someone below you can.

        Don't be afraid to run away. Staying alive will allow you to keep your weapons, ammo and power ups, so you don't have to respawn naked with a disadvantage. Don't be suicidal.

        Don't ***** the Stinger. This is a common mistake a lot of new players seem to make. The Stinger is powerful as it fires fast and is instant hit. However, it takes a lot of ammo and way too long to kill a player who is full of health or beyond or even with armor. It is, however, an amazing finishing weapon. When you know your opponent is about to die, don't waste your time trying to hit him with flak or rockets or the sniper, pull out the Stinger or Link Gun and quickly finish him off. The only real way to get away from Stinger/Link fire is to run away and take cover. If they only have a little health left, you can generally chip that small bit off before they can scramble to cover. Sniper rifle shot/switch to stinger/finish is a brilliant combination. Two sniper shots takes way too long and they are too difficult to hit twice in a row consistently for most players.

        Hell, don't ***** any weapons. Constantly switch weapons, each one if good for a different situation. When you're going into a cramped area in a map, switch to flak or link. Wide, open area? (Grendlekeep, Shangri-La bridge area), pull out the Shock Rifle, Sniper or Stinger. Know where your opponent is going? Juggle the hell out of him with rockets. Is your opponent tanked out with armor, health and shields? Switch to the Biorifle and try and cut him down to size with the alt-fire.

        These are just a few tips that can help. A lot of UT is just practice, but DM and especially TDM are waaaaaay more tactical than a first impression might give.


          Originally posted by dgonzalezh View Post
          Hey this is what I really hate, rude people that spends the time answering with hate and saying such things as you do.

          Why spending time to bother people with you inappropriate comments?.

          But thanks for answering anyway.
          I don't find his answer rude. Just truthful. Don't take people personally on the Net ;-)

          When you play online, your ping is also important. The smaller the ping the better.


            Originally posted by barondro View Post
            I don't find his answer rude. Just truthful. Don't take people personally on the Net ;-)

            When you play online, your ping is also important. The smaller the ping the better.
            Well Thanks for your reply.


              Originally posted by barondro View Post
              I don't find his answer rude. Just truthful. Don't take people personally on the Net ;-)


              These are just a few tips that can help. A lot of UT is just practice, but DM and especially TDM are waaaaaay more tactical than a first impression might give.
              That's what I'm talkin about this is a real howto, never thought it could be done like that running the maps backwards, I've seen that, and the trick of getting to know where power-ups are its also nice but like life it's a discipline thing how can you be shooting, not getting shot and watching a clock and when it approaches the deadline to go get the power-up knowing that others might be thinking the same. hehe!!!

              But's worth to try.

              Thanks pal


                Might wanna add to the whole "running away" thing:

                Yes, don't be afraid to retreat from combat if you're getting hammered really hard, as I said, not dying allows you to keep your weapons, ammo and power ups so you don't respawn without them and end up at a disadvantage. However, if you see someone running away from you, 90% of the time do not chase them. Why? Because if they see you chasing them, well, they know EXACTLY where you are going. If you follow them, you're easily predictable and easy prey for a well lead shot.

                Instead, if you see someone running away, try to -intercept- them. Don't chase them, back off yourself, take another route and try to hit them where you think they're going. Try to catch them at the other end of the hallway they just went in, or at the top of the lift they just went up, etc. This allows you to pursue fleeing enemies without letting yourself become predictable. "Don't chase people" is one of the many main strategies you'll see a lot in higher-level play.

                Also, if you haven't already, bind your weapons to keys around your movement buttons. I used WSAD for movement, and if I press "r" I switch to the rocket launcher, "f" to switch to flak, "z" for the sniper, "x" for stinger (for those quick finishes!) and so on. Learning to play with weapons bound close to your movements keys, as well as learning how and when to use the double-tap dodge maneuver are two MAJOR steps to take in order to improve your game.


                  Taking advise from Coolreject is reasonable. He is a decently intelligent player, from what I can tell in pubs. By the way, Coolreject, download irc ( and come on ruin's channel (#ruin on

                  Anyway, there are multiple ways to go about playing DM, depending on your style.

                  -Some players tend to use their aim and just charge enemies (kotex, bexamous, AngrySaki, and Forgetful (of ruin) for example).

                  -Some players tend to go only for armors, health, and shield and avoid any frontal confrontation (Endo83 and Deic0e, both from ruin, are examples of this type of player)

                  -Some players tend to go for ddamage almost exclusively in order to rack up a lot of frags (fp-mullet is an example of this type of player)

                  -Some players put certain items in front of others and attempt to balance the game between item gathering and attacking (jjz (myself) and pigp3n are examples of this type of player)

                  Any one of those styles are valid, and each one can win a game depending on the type of player you are. Your best bet is to try them out yourself and see which one you feel most comfortable with. Good luck, I hope to see you pubbing sometime.



                    UT3 IRC is really good for chatting to other PC players directly