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    Warfare Demos from

    So some of you may know about, theres a few of us about with .jW on our nicknames in UT3. And all of us pretty much play through IRC pickups. If you have no idea what IRC is or no idea how a pickup game works check UT3 IRC in my signature.

    Basically though its a place for the community to get together, and play matches. We only play 5v5 no more, sometimes we do 4v4s, but generally its a 5v5. Thanks to Multiplay we get a nice server, and a pickup channel with a bot to randomize teams before the game starts. We play fair and even as much as possible.

    So those avid European, and maybe even some US players should come by and check us out, who knows who you'll find there.

    Even if you don't like Warfare these are some fun demos to watch back. And if you want to learn about how to get more points these are defiantly a must watch.

    Don't get scared of us all, we are a friendly community, always up for some great games.

    ** The Demos **

    Set One:

    Four Demos:
    -Tank Crossing

    Set Two:

    Five Demos:
    -Powersurge (x2)

    Set Three:
    Four Demos:
    -Dusk (Free mine link setup) - (Has some wait before game begins)
    -Valley (Custom map, link in sig)

    Set Four:
    One Demo:
    -Avalanche (long game)

    Set Five:
    Two Demos:
    -Onyx Coast

    Set Six:
    Seven Demos:
    -Avalanche x2
    -Tank Crossing
    -Market District

    Set Seven:
    Seven Demos:
    -Downtown x2
    -Downtown_Necris_BETA2 (Custom, link in sig)

    ** Download **

    Demos Set One 35.66MB .rar
    Demos Set One 37.43MB .zip
    Demos Set One 35.66MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Two 58MB .rar
    Demos Set Two 58MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Three 42MB .rar
    Demos Set Three 42MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Four 29MB .rar
    Demos Set Four 29MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Five 28MB .rar
    Demos Set Five 28MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Six 62MB .rar
    Demos Set Six 62MB .rar - Filefront Mirror

    Demos Set Seven 57MB .rar

    Filefront Mirrors up thanks to Slippster
    These demos aren't part of Multiplay yada yada. They're just the company who runs the pickup servers. What people say in the game is up to them.

    now avaliable in .zip and .rar formats


      ahaaaaaaa server demos! now i can play with Rypelcam! sweet!

      Thanks bro! not sure if you you guys are reeady for me tho
      5 on 5 you prob want more exp ppl playing.
      and besides i like bigger games.

      * i have ventrilo but no irc. never used irc. ( irc noob)

      in UT2004 i always went to the ONS server with the most players, usually that was UT Pub . so now i can play with the inner workings of Rypelcam and see if its worth doing anything with.

      starting from scratch i have no idea where to even begin.

      if anyone can point me in a direction for information ( besides Rypelcam's site)
      id be much appreciative!
      or if any of you have worked with the rypel tool, i just need a basic walkthru.

      edit/flash of realisation.

      altho..... hmm server side demos....hmmmmm me ingame.....videos...
      ....nah... you want exp ppl playing.



        I'd try this but I have about the cheapest dsl in the whole world and there's basically 1 or 2 pub servers I can get to with a decent ping and Europe is far away from what I hear


          ohhh europe? then im too far away.
          ill play with the demos tho.

          i served some UT2004 Onslaught a few times and did some server demos there too.
          if these work anything like they did,
          i should be able to fly around the map, and watch the game from any location?
          and from any player?
          as if i was there watching in spec mode while you played it, ?
          am i correct on this?

          I guess i should just load em n watch.
          but i ask here for the benefit of everyone.
          maybe i spark an idea or two in someone else?
          its nice to have information


            The controls seems to change a bit from spectator to demo, but except for that its exactly the same


              aww cool~! thanks !
              lets see what my crazy mind can come up with.....
              all my life, ive been over the top, i dont know what im doin, all i know is, i dont wanna stop...
              all fired up! im gonna go til i drop, you're either in, or in the way, dont make me, i dont wanna stop!


                We got a market distric demo too crazy.

                It will be posted somewhere in the pickup part on the justwarfare forum?

                edit: there are even more, but i guess they weren't that good?


                  crazy ! you should let us know before posting those demos here m8 :O
                  i would have tryed to play better (not sure it would have worked thou <_< :P)

                  anyway good job, everything works great


                    It doesn't for me, the mutator of the scoreboard doesn't work


                      Make sure you download the mutator for the scoreboard seperatly as i said above. I managed to miss a important file over in the copy :P


                        I downloaded it seperatly and installed it as it was said in the readme, but i doesn't find it ingame..


                          uhmm not sure then. Sure its scoreboard and not reporter?


                            These demos are great for warfare players trying to pickup some tips or even just watch a match with skilled players. I recommend these to all and if you like what you see why not join the channel #mpukunreal.warfare on quakenet and try it out for yourself. All skills levels are welcome and there will always be a friendly face around to help you out.


                              Thanks, i might just.

                              These Demos DO WORK!
                              and just like spectator mode you can free fly or follow a player.
                              awesome !
                              use Winrar and extract the demos rar file to your utgames dir in my documents ( xp)
                              then do the same with the scoreboard mutator you downloaded.
                              overwrite when it asks, click yes

                              then run the game go to community, and demos, the list is there .

                              they run beautifully! better than i imagined!

                              an EXCELLENT tool for anyone wanting to know how Warfare works.

                              good job guys! 2 thumbs way up!