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    Originally posted by JPINATOR View Post
    I need to sign up for a session
    When I joined the GOW server I think I got you added to my friends list.
    Send a msg sometime and we'll be happy to help you out..


      I agree with everything that Clark Kent is saying except for:

      3- Always leave a Translocator in the enemy base when you have grabed their flag, so if you do cap you can TL right back there and do it again.

      Usually by the time you cap the flag someone will have fragged your translocator and when you go to translocate back it will give them an instant kill.

      Also I try to leave most crucial powerups I.E. sheild belt and armor vest, for the flag runner they will need it when going into a heavily defended base, a defender has the clear advantage over the flag runner, hence, he does not need to be that heavily armored, just enough to stop a rocket.

      I also try to leave the damage amp on coret for whoever is assisting the flag runner, they do more good with it than the flag runner themselves.

      The main key to CTF is to learn the maps and become REALLY good with the translocator.

      If you need someone to practice with I, like Killing_Spree, would be glad to help, my psn is Ice-Rhettro or rhettrostyle, send invite


        I predominantly play CTF. Send a friend request to PeterVenkman, I can show you some stuff if you would like. Otherwise, here are some tips quoted from another thread where I gave some advice:

        I've said it before and I'll say it again:

        There are some basic tips for playing a shooter like UT3. They involve the following -

        1. Never stand still. You are harder to hit when you are moving around. This is very important, but UT is not just about constant is about getting where you need to go as fast as possible. This leads me to

        2. Learn to dodge well and do it often. Wall dodges are your best friend in this game. Jump, then jump again at the height of your jump, then dodge off of the wall you are standing next to at the height of your second jump. This will give you a very quick boost of speed. Once you get good at this, you will start to see every map as a wall dodge playground. You should use wall dodges a lot, especially to

        3. Collect as much armor/health/ammo as possible. Not only is it good to collect weapons and learn to use them effectively in different situations, but it is also important to deprive your opponents of armor and health. You are harder to kill when you have full armor and 199 health, and a one on one showdown with an opponent sporting 100 health will most likely play out in your favor. Expert UT players learn routes around maps they play often, allowing them to time the armor spawn perfectly and show up exactly when it comes back. This way, they always get the shield and the opponent is always out of luck.

        4. Be a good sportsman please. This game is having a hard enough time finding enough decent players, so it is important that you switch teams when it is uneven and encourage a fun playing environment.

        I also suggest that you play through the single player campaign. It will expose you to the major gametypes so you can get a feel for which one you like the most. It will also give you an opportunity to learn the maps and practice these skills. Once you get some experience, you can start to work on the more advanced tips. Some of which are -

        1. Mastering your weapons. I suggest binding each weapon to a different key that is comfortable to you. Each weapon has several firing modes and mastering them will help you tremendously. You can charge up 3 rockets at a time and fire them in different ways. You can also do shock combos. Try to time your rocket combos to maximize your damage and try to do shock combos while you are moving. Players that use the shock rifle are often easy to kill because they stand still while they are trying to do the shock combo. The best UT players can land a shock combo while they are dodging and moving around. Also, Goo is your friend in this will help you in so many ways.

        2. Learn to run backwards. This may not be as important in gametypes like Warfare, but I find that memorizing the maps and running backwards allows me to kill people in pursuit while I am taking the flag back to the base. This is a good skill to master, and it will pay off A LOT if you can aim, shoot and run backwards all at the same time.

        3. Strategy is critical. Each different gametype has several strategies that can be effective against disorganized players. For instance, traveling in a pack in TDM usually gives one team an advantage. Good defense is key to winning online CTF matches. Warfare requires quick rushing offense and focus on the nodes. One universal strategy tip is that if you are ever on defense, you are most effective if you put yourself in between the opponent and their goal. If you are chasing a flag carrier, you want to get in front of him...put yourself between him and his base. If you are defending a node, put yourself between the node and the oncoming team (of course, you shouldn't be defending nodes in warfare unless you have the orb...warfare is sooo offense dependant).

        4. Finally, work as a team. Cover your teammates. Don't ever think that you are playing this game alone against bots and they can take care of themselves. They can't. Cover cover cover cover cover cover cover. It's ok to take the lead, but your team will be very happy with you if you play the support role as well.

        I think this is a good start.