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Another Bug (god I Hate Insects)

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    I noticed ONLY when playing with the Masterchief custom model(offline bot matches), I noticed my character would appear invisible....Whenever I died and the camera pulled away to see my death, the camera would follow a 'ghost', instead of me seeing my body blown into pieces...Same thing at the end of a match, if I got the winning kill/flag capture, I could rotate around "myself", but nothing would be there....Needless to say I'm contemplating uninstalling all my custom models...Because they're just wasting space if only I can see them....

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  • started a topic Another Bug (god I Hate Insects)

    Another Bug (god I Hate Insects)

    this is what happens when people dont have the same custom skins as everyone else does. Players will be "Godlike" (invisible) LOL.

    how do you post screen shots so i can show pics. . ..