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UT3 Online Population: Existant?

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    UT3 Online Population: Existant?

    Hey everyone,

    I've been looking for a new PC game, something to play in my spare time, and so one day I was browsing the game list on Steam, and found UT3 for either $29.99 or the Unreal Deal Pack for $49.99. The deal pack contains Unreal 1 and 2, UT, ut 2003/3004, and UT3. Needless to say, when I saw this, I was slightly intrigued.

    So my question to all of you is this: Are there still plenty of people who play this game online? I know it's reletively new, but I haven't really been in the PC FPS scene for a while, so I don't really keep track of this kinda thing anymore. I really don't want to spend the money on this game only to find out that nobody really plays it. If that happened, I'd feel like I wasted my money, cos I don't really just want to play with bots.

    Any info would be appreciated, thank you.

    P.S. Should I buy Gears Of War PC? I own it on the 360 already, but I know the PC version has more content, however, I probably wouldn't play that one online much on PC. I just want to know if the game runs well and plays well on the PC. Thanks

    Right now as I'm posting UT3's online population is 0 as in no one can play ut3 online. Normally online is descent with enough people to find one or two servers under 100ms. Its a good game, the unreal mega deal is worth it for the other games in the series.

    I have played GOW for the PC and while it looks very nice on the PC the controls are not as solid on a M/kb as it was on the 360. If you have played it before I'd not bother.


      Not entirely sure how it is in the US but theres more than enough people to find a game almost no matter when you play. And if its too few for you its still a lot of people who play UT2k4.

      I would not suggest getting GoW for PC if you already have it for Xbox


        Unreal Tournament up until the last 3 days has been absolutely amazing and I would like to think that the connection problems will be sorted out soon. Buy it, you don't see so many people on here complaining about the connection problems because we don't enjoy the game, most of us love it but its just frustrating us all right now.


          Hmm, ok, well I'm a little more confident with purchasing this game now. I loved the first Unreal Tournament and played it non-stop for ages.

          So the servers are down at the moment huh? Well, that isn't that big of a deal because I'm sure it'll get back online soon. But I guess another question is, does this game work through gamespy arcade, or is it best to just use the built-in server list? And last question, is it cross platform compatable? (PC vs. PS3)

          Thanks again everyone.


            I know its not currently performing across networks, someone else will have to help with the other question tho


              Welp, I have stopped playing UT3 till whatever gets sorted out, or till the guys spamming my cable modem get tired. I totally loved it except for the Bishop taunts, the Graphics are totally amazing. UT2004 is an awsome game, back in 2005-6 the game was rocking, full of players and game types, DM's always a blast. Still are plenty of players left, choose your server carefully.

              I do have a sugestion never speak of politics or religion in game, OMG! Or at least when some else does agree with them by all means, even if you know they are wrong.

              The lastest updates for Vista and ATi has put a hurting on my fps, when first realsed before the updates and patches my game ran awsome, with an hd3870 in a quad core intell box, don know wha happen.

              Click on my channel you'll see, I was using fraps running in backround, at full details 1680x1050----50!, bah.
              Anyway UT2004 is worth the 50 alone, UT3 is only gonna get better if they can stop the destruction.

              (FpsLegends is a valid channel on Veoh networks, you may need to copy and paste, maybe Veoh is Scared of Epic?)