I have the PC version, good job on the game overall by the way. It has issues, but I love it and have been an UT junkie since day 1. Really superb modding/mapping tools too, please don't abondon the PC in the future!

Anyway, I also plan on getting the 360 version of UT3 so I can play with some buddies who don't have a PC. My question is: since Microsoft are being ***** about user created content, (to the detriment of their own console I might add) will they at LEAST allow you guys to expedite the approval process for DLC? M$ is notorious for having a long, drawn out, idiotic process before DLC can be offered on xbox LIVE.

I'm assuming that if M$ never caves on user created content, that you guys will pick the best maps/mods and offer them as DLC for 360 on a regular basis, this is just a guess though. Let's face it, UT games really need a steady stream of new maps and content. I hope you guys continue to argue your case too.

I just don't get it. If a game on M$' hardware is successful, that makes their console successful because game sales affect hardware sales of course. If user created content was allowed and everyone was abuzz of this badass UT3 game which allows tons of user generated content, everybody wins right? You, M$, us... everyone wins.

And while I'm at it, hopefully you guys have time to cram in content to the 360 version right up until release. I know why you reduced the game speed on consoles by 20%, but I believe you were wrong in that decision. EPIC, you've seen how people play your games, everyone discovers and uses ALL the little nuances immediately, people are very capable. Just look at how people dissected and found stuff in Gears of War. People can handle the speed of UT3, even with crappy controllers. Hopefully you at least add a PC speed mutator to the game?

See ya guys, hope you answer.

EDIT-- Hmmm, this thread title is totally not the one I typed. That's odd. You guys change thread titles? Oh well, no problem, I'm just glad you allow this topic to stay.