I know this is for Unreal Tournament III only but, I would like to shine the light on a couple of awesome modders and artists doing stuff for the original UT and post links to what they are doing. I was upset when I saw the Unreal Engine 3 only posted on the make something Unreal contest page and these guys that I'm posting probably would've had a chance if it wasn't for that limitation. Here are the projects being worked on:

Unreal Tournament Extension Pack by FXD|Shadow
This is a HUGE graphical update that adds a new SDK, emitters, a freakin physics engine!, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff (including a possible grass generator) that I don't have time to type in. This would've been a potential contest winner so track it here:
NOTE: Shadow is using the low-res textures in these shots.

Unreal Tournament Retexturing Project by Diehard
The Unreal Tournament Retexturing Project by Diehard from the Celtic Warriors Clan originally started on Unreal and Unreal Gold and then expanded to UT (Classic, 99, GotYE). You can track it here:
For better shots click on the link under my signature and then click on the link for new graphics.

I know (sadly) that there is no way for these guys to enter the contest, but please check out there projects and if you have a copy of what is arguably still the best UT, download them.