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    Originally posted by Skywalker View Post
    Hey Neon, I saw for the first time on Suspense VCTF. Wish you were on my team. Final score was like 6 to 2 before the game shut down.

    What time was that? Had to be very early in the morning. I played so much games late-nite early morning I can't remember much of anything, but I'll look for you next time, you can watch me get owned and do uber boob stuff all over the map

    If you see a guy ONTOP of a flying Raptor running trying to stay on ( never works ), thats pretty much me.


      Originally posted by Shadow Dancer View Post
      So Deck, Hydrosis, Coret, Torlan, and now Morbias and Face don't count as classic maps?
      Morbias and Face are available after patch, so...
      At least we've got also community with map creators...

      Wheres Barricade? Turbine? Stalwart? Phobos? (Deimos SUX) Hyperblast?
      Fractal Reactor? Arctic Stronghold? Training Day? Gael? (those two are downloadable at least...) and moooore...

      And what happend with Domination?! Or ever Assault huh?!
      In first gameplay (early 2007 or lately 2006) where Malcolm shown Unreal Evolution (in german) there was also gameplay... ...ASSAULT GAMEPLAY!

      Found that gameplay:

      I still i can't wait to play this above, to play Unreal Tournament 2007!