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    Originally posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
    No maps unbalanced, with balanced teams any map can go anyway for hours on end.
    I will agree that the maps were made with balance in mind, and two truly balanced teams should stalemate every map. That was the goal anyway. But don't be naive.

    We've all been on a winning axon-avalanche team by now, and it's probably because half of the team knew what they were doing, and didn't let the scorpions idle. For teams with no cohesion it is DEFINITELY and ABSOLUTELY easier to win necris-side than it is axon, same goes for islander. A team that does know what to do, will be able to stalemate a match or win it outright, but we ARE talking about PUBS. Don't be delusional, we're not working with ideal conditions, there are not enough chaotic elements in this game that flatten the playing field (a la' Smash Bros, Mario Kart, party games, etc).


      strategically campin good way to be politically correct )

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        If you are talking about playing a tournament or a clan match, I will concede the point that both sides of asym maps should be played by each team. However, on open play public servers or in other scenerios when playing for fun, I stand by my original post.

        While I will also admit that the following is pretty unlikely on a public server, it is not totally far fetched: 20 minute rounds; 5 points to win; all 5 rounds go into overtime; an hour and a half+ to get thru 1 map instead of playing 5 maps.