Ok I (The Street Cat) am constantly look for "Matches Hosted by a clan but having multiple clans in there just for fun" (Mouse). Only thing is that everyone's so COUPED up that they're isolated. So, i myself and other Blackcats will be having "Mouses" for all those "Cats" who hunger and if anyone has a Fat Mouse, be sure to post it, the date ur hosting, the max players u can hold and the date ur cutting off entries. all who will attend qoute the Cat so he'll know (teams decided by order u qoute. for example [host is red, 1st qoute is blue, 2nd qoute red and so forth]). Oh if it has a some mods consider it a Rat, i'll still play for kicks. Ps. We Cats are hungry so post soon and plz we need not complaints on lag its all fun not caring who wins.