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    UT3 Modders' Podcast

    I'm thinking about doing a UT3 Modding podcast about how I review maps, mutators, and other Unreal related stuff. If anyone would be interested in it let me know because I want as much support as I can get. If I do this I promise to be fair about the reviews look at the positives AND negative sides of the maps/mods people create. I'm thinking I would do a podcast every month or something like that. Also what I would do is get in contact with you for your input on your maps/mods so I can have something I can quote about from the author. I just think this would be a good thing to add to the UNREAL Community.

    Let me know what you think about it.

    O O

    Idea how about a video podcast about the maps I review, I won't be personally in it. I'll just show video footage, and screens of each mod I review.

    too many smiley faces....oh god I can see forever.....

    I'd definitely be interested.
    Check your PM's.


      Would be awesome, I'd subscribe, as long as it's something that's constant. I don't care if it's once a week or whatever but if you choose a schedule, stick to it, don't just put out podcasts at random times, I tend to stay away from those and I'm sure others do too.


        I might not do it

        If you want the truth I'm not sure IF I'm going to do it, but IF I do the podcast thing it won't be till Later in the Future.