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Leave the Nightshade alone! Or at least use it cooperatively.

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    Putting the S. Mines on an enemy spawn point is good in vCTF b/c your flag carrier can escape while the enemy is dealing with the attacking spiders. I am also absolutley sick of PEOPLE GRAPPLING ONTO MY NIGHTSHADE WHILE I AM CLOAKED...YOU JUST GIVE AWAY THE POSITION!

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  • Leave the Nightshade alone! Or at least use it cooperatively.

    On every map with a Nightshade, the first thing you see when a round begins is 50% of the team go rushing for it, sometimes going as far as deliberately pushing other players out of the way, while completely ignoring other equally essential vehicles, like the Darkwalker. After that, quite a few players can be observed camping its spawn point for half the game, completely forgetting to actually play and help the team. Please don't do this! The Nightshade is fun, but the other vehicles are fun too, they just take a bit of practice and effort to use effectively.

    If you really must waste your time vying for it, then here are some tips to use it in a way that helps the team to win the game, rather than merely racking up a Spider Mine Massacre, mostly applicable to Warfare:
    • Use the other deployables. spider mines get a lot of kills, but kills aren't always useful. The slow volume can discourage the enemy from taking a particular route, although it's only really useful on an asymmetrical one where your team isn't also inconvenienced, e.g. the jump pads on Islander which are mostly used by the enemy. The EMP can snag a lot of vehicles for you, potentially crippling the enemy team if someone from your team steals them. The shield is good for shielding not only nodes (be careful shielding nodes, because you can end up preotecting a node for the enemy if they should take it from you), but also vehicles, as explained below.
    • Use the spider mines where they actually help. Putting them on an enemy spawn point doesn't do a lot of good, because they just spawn again immediately. Putting them near a node you want to defend is better, because then the enemy must spend a lot of time running back again after being killed. It's best to put them where there are also human defenders, otherwise the enemy can take his time killing the spiders from a safe location.
    • Deployables are not the only strength of the Nightshade. Perhaps the best part is the primary Link beam, which has multiple uses, e.g.
    • Nodes are of the utmost importance! You are expendable, nodes are often not. If an important node is in danger of being destroyed, use the Link beam on it. It never runs out of ammo, so you can heal the node all day until reinforcements arrive, or the node becomes secure. For anyone on foot that sees this happening, link to the Nightshade, not the node. The Nightshade can keep the node up all by itself, so it's best to keep the Nightshade alive as long as possible.
    • Try becoming a heavy vehicle's best friend. This is possibly the most powerful tactic available to you. Find a friendly Goliath, Darkwalker or Nemesis and make it your mission to keep it alive for the entire game. Stick close to it and heal it with the primary Link beam. You'll want to do your best to stay out of sight, otherwise the enemy will switch targets to you and your mission will be cut short, although in many cases it's best to concentrate purely on healing, since your ward will take out the enemy quicker that way, making you safe again. Use the deployables to help. Of particular use are the shield, which both you and your ward can hide behind, and the EMP, which keeps those pesky Mantas and self-destructing Vipers at bay.
    • Beware of car thieves. Ok, so sometimes you have to get out for repairs, but you must be 100% sure that the enemy will not steal it from you, and under no circumstances must you abandon your vehicle. An enemy team that gains two Nightshades is going to find it rather easy to win.

    You won't gain as many points, but do this and your team will be pleased, instead of berating you for being a camping *******.