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Simple, critical patch issues

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    Simple, critical patch issues

    Sorry for spamming a new thread, but after a new PC build, and reinstalling UT3, and playing it for the first time in a few months, a few things became really obvious.

    These are not major bugfixes, but small, simple things, that are worth considering.

    1. The game is unplayable at high settings on a decent graphics card. Bloom, flare and depth of field ini settings should be quickly disableable with a button that is labeled "increase clarity."
    We really should not have to go and edit the ini to make thae game playable at high detail.
    2. Do not show empty servers by defaut. If there are less than 10 populated servers, have a button that allows you to quickly filter in the empty servers
    3. Allow Tab to be easily bindable.
    4. Look at which node setups the community are using (Dusk, in particular does not play well with the stock node setups. Bringing in the 2 center nodes transforms the playability of the map.)