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Gaming Community looking for Clans/People to play matches / promote yourself or clan

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    Gaming Community looking for Clans/People to play matches / promote yourself or clan

    Hi everyone,

    From time to time I see new people on these forums looking for others that share their interest in warfare, DM, TDM, CTF, VCTF, etc.

    Most players jump on UT3 and go through the server browser and see lots of empty servers with few people playing.

    If there are people out there wanting to start a clan, wanting to join a clan, have a clan, just looking to meet others with similar interests, and play against each other in a friendly gaming community, then check out

    I always see lots of servers empty, but if we can get people to drop by a common community based website / forum that is set-up to help people organize leagues or their own, ladders, individual matches then this will make it much easier for the established clans to meet each other, new people to find others with similar game style interests, etc.

    I am a part of a UT99 / 2K4 clan, but they don't play UT3 yet. I have been wanting to hook-up with some others to play warfare and other game styles in UT3, but it is hard getting a hold of these people.

    I recommend people just drop by and check it out. If you like it great, if not, oh well. If you want to make a suggestion of some kind, do so. The admins are gamers themselves and always willing to take suggestions. It is a gaming community and it is a great resource for anyone to take advantage of.

    If there are clans out there, drop by this community, sign up and promote your clan. Start your own private ladder if you want with just your own clan members, invite others, invite other clans. Great way to keep track of your own matches and records. It is easy to set up and use.

    irc is still more accessible... but good luck wth that website.


      tWc is here to stay =]

      hi guys!


        Blackcats are lookin for good matches. PS3 version, Warfare and VCTF. Look for us.