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What do you see as a "clean" kill?

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    Running without firing in front of an opponent player jumping and strafing crazily to avoid enemy fire, and spitting one single shoot of Flak Cannon into his face when at 10cm from him
    That's amazing


      One hit shock combos.


        Sniping the head off a enemy while is coming straight for you in his Manta... did that once and I had a HUGE grin on for days!


          Originally posted by W!zzard View Post
          I've had that happened to me. I felt so owned. i was seriously feeling depressed.. lol. But i got the guy back!
          Hehe i can imagine the feeling of beeing the hammer target :P I havnt pulled of many of these "clean" kills but when i succeed it feels great :P


            It was in a duel on sentinel; I was looking down at the minigun from the shock rifle and went to move backwards a little bit. At the same time, I heard a splash in the water behind me and I've dodged, without meaning to.
            Before I landed, and before I could turn around to see where I was landing, I heard a hitsound.

            And suddenly he died.

            I had crushed him


              Any shot that involves using one weapon to damage and knock a player high into the air, and another weapon to kill them mid-air. Rox-to-link, combo-to-headshot, whatever. Direct hit mid-air secondary flak-balls are pretty nice, and also any twitch kill involving the opponent only being visible for tenths of a second.


                If you mean "clean kill" as in a kill which isn't cheap or easy prey in any way, then anything involving a clash, a few seconds of fighting, and an obvious victory. i.e. Fighting someone who has a flak cannon and dodging his flak shells while you pin him with the minigun. The winner is plain.

                Of course, I like it chaotic myself. I prefer walking ten feet and seeing another person. Flak cannons are useful in these situations, and getting Monster Kills just with straightforward flak and running, that's gotta be my favorite.

                As for Warfare, definitely pancakes with the Raptor. Followed shortly by pancakes with the Manta. Followed shortly by manslaughter with the Scorpion. Ramming people is just so much fun.


                  Dropping off an EMP bomb or a bundle of spider mines at an enemy power node.

                  Tossing a high-explosive charge so it slides underneath the enemy power core just before you get chunked.

                  Taking off, charging a small group of people on foot and turning left or right just as you eject, thus sending your aircraft spinning into their faces.

                  Plinking someone in the head with a tank shell as they begin to descend from a boosted jump.

                  Launching someone into a corner with the Stinger's alt fire before gunning them down normally.

                  Sniping an enemy grappled to an aircraft, then quickly catching them with the Impact Hammer right before they hit the ground.

                  Launching an AVRiL rocket in front of you, turning around and locking on to a hovercraft that's a few feet away from squishing you.

                  Blasting an aircraft out of the sky with the Paladin.

                  Rocket-boosting off a ramp with the Scorpion, unfolding the switchblades like makeshift wings, and successfully landing right on top of one guy while cleaving another in half.

                  Taking a hovercraft head-on and punching it out of your way with the Impact Hammer's alt fire fully charged.

                  Aiming down at your feet and pulling the trigger, to stop a surrounding mob of attackers stealing the Redeemer from you.

                  Bashing someone off their hoverboard on a hill, following them as they tumble down, and shoving a flak bomb up their **** as they struggle to get back on their feet.

                  Forcing a loner to leap into the path of your AVRiL rocket aimed at the vehicle he just repaired.

                  Hopping into a Nightshade, making your way to the enemy team's side of the map, then going on a 15-kill road rampage until they go insane and start hitting each other with rockets up close "checking for spies."


                    I'd like to add another one, only managed to do it once though.

                    Hellfire SPMA, enemy grappled to raptor, camera crush :P When i managed to pull it of it was also a First Blood, i spent about 5 minutes laughing afterwards :P


                      Headshot is the cleanest kill. End of Thread.


                        It's gotta be long range shock combo's where you fire the alt, move to somewhere different and trigger the combo destroying the poor sucker who stood in the way.

                        Or headshotting the guy you could barely see when zoomed in fully.

                        Or, hunting the fool who is running for the redeemer, switching to your hammer and getting close enough to hammer him, but he commits suicide with the deemer... that one is always good for a laugh.


                          +1 on the hammer kill.... Ever since I been hammer killed I been trying to do it every so often with no success x.x

                          I remember once being on a warfare map where a node was in a colliseum type building. A circular building with no roof, and at least 2 jump pads to launch people up to the second level. The enemy was attacking the node, but they were being surrounded by incoming allies so they started up to the second level. I as well as some others went to the second lvl to flush them out, and after as I was jumping back down I saw some one again trying to escape to the second level by another jump pad. I just happened to land on the jump pad below me and was pushing my way towards the guy spamming rockets[mid air] trying to anticipate where he would be to hit him with the rockets. Just as he almost reached the other jump pad not only did a rocket hit him dead on in the back, but a fraction of a second after the rocket hit I landed onto the aftermath of a scream and blood going everywhere. I don't know if the rocket killed him or the impact of me landing on him killed him, but either way I was like WTH did that really just happen???? Luck ... pure luck... but still very funny when it happened Xp


                            Clean kill = when the enemy did not damage you, and the firefight was less than 3 seconds.
                            Snow-white clean kill = Multiple Clean kills in less than 30 seconds.
                            Times are there for adrenaline purposes only.


                              Glad the question was asked, actually. I just jumped out of the game after playing for about an hour on a few different DM servers and didn't get killed once by someone who was in front of me. Now I know it's a viable tactic to use the bio-rifles secondary fire from behind, but ****!, does it have to be all the time? It gets real old after about 5 levels of everyone being sneaky, and it doesn't show much skill as far as I'm concerned. A "clean" kill to me is just that, clean. You fight someone who knows you are there and has just as much chance of killing you as you do them. That's "clean". Of course jackhammering somebody while they are using the redeemers secondary fire is about as satisfying as anything in a game can be .


                                The old translocator underneath the flag trick always cracks me up. Especially when the guy sees you before he grabs the flag, then gets killed instantly. It feels even better when they have the shield belt. Other than that, the only type of kills that impress me are jumping/dodging/moving shock combos, props to anybody that can pull those off