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Doubled entries after installing Bonus Pack

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    Doubled entries after installing Bonus Pack

    Hi all,

    after i installed the bonus pack all maps and mutators are listed twice (only
    in the game not in the Folders). I wasn't able to figure out why by myself.
    So please, could anyone help me?

    (Maybe it's of interest that the installation was interrupted by a message that
    it wasn't able to find the correct i put in the correct path and it
    was successfully installed [as it said].)

    Thx in advance...

    I've had this issue since I installed the first patch.

    Every map, game type, and mutator is listed twice.

    It doesn't bother me terribly... If I could make it go away, I would, but I've learned to live with it.


      Oh sh*t, that's not what I wanted to hear...maybe it was the same case here.
      Haven't played offline for a long time, but just think of all the 2k4's
      going to be quite a mess soon having everything twice in the list.

      BTW: The new stuff of the Bonus Pack isn't listed twice...


        I don't have that problem. You could try reinstalling, if you can't figure anything else out.


          Yeah, I'm with Keatonian try a reinstall... I've never had that problem.