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Tips for beating godlike bots

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  • Tips for beating godlike bots

    I made a brief video showing and explaining some tips and tricks on how to beat godlike bots for all the people who find them difficult.

    Get the idea that godlike bots are hard out of your heads now! They chase, they run for health when injured, and they jump more than they dodge. They are pretty accurate however.

    With practice you'll be going 20-0 on your best map.

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    Haven't bothered playing godlike bots since ut2003, back when I used them to practice by playing 1v3 tdm.

    This could be very helpful for many new players though.


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      I'll post a higher quality version later.


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        Hmm... I learned a lot, any other videos like this (with tips, tricks, general knowledge, and tactics) out there?


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          nice tips its logical i didnt know that bots go for the nearest health lolz....but i spose real life players would too aye...i dont play offline much anymore, i should tho


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            Well it's nothing that will really help you, but I made a demo of me playing Godlike bots on Morbias and easily beating them.



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              subscribed, and favorited, downloaded. nice video. welcome aboard!


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                Great tutorial Paul Stiles...This makes my love for you even stronger and perhaps one day we can extend our love as far as the universe.But for now lets just keep it Turkey and Ham.


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                  Well seeing as how thar quick little video seems to be helping people out I may make more. If there was client side demo rec I could make even better videos. wink wink.


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                    I noticed a few strategies, but a written one would be nice


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                      If you need help defeating Godlike bots, just send Lukec7 a friend invite. I charge reasonable rates to irradicate bot infestations and guarantee my work. Liscensed and Fully Bonded.

                      See ya.


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                        I tried dueling a godlike bot after watching this and it was a complete joke, it wasn't even fun anymore. The only times it killed me were when it managed to sneak up on me and when it got the stinger.

                        Anyway, looks like I'm officially done facing bots.


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                          I dont mean to laugh, but HA! only godlike.

                          I beat the top one in a duel by 3 points! Oh!


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                            Originally posted by IceFrogg View Post
                            I dont mean to laugh, but HA! only godlike.

                            I beat the top one in a duel by 3 points! Oh!
                            not to burst your bubble, but Bebo, and most people from gameradius are in the top 1% of skill level in UT3. they don't play godlike bots for a challenge, it's obviously a tutorial to help newbies.


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                              I used to get owned by ut2k4 godlike bots so i never tried ut3s godlike bots untill a few days ago. To my surprise i won quiet easily 3-9 without any help or tips.

                              But I have a few tips that might help others. If these have been mentioned already sorry!

                              My 1st tip is the most important one & will get you there fastest. The best and most obvious way to get good enough to beat godlike bots is, you need to start on a difficulty level you can sometimes win on and keep PRACTICING untill you can win everytime without hardly trying or concentrating (this is a sure sign your ready for the next difficulty) once you feel comfortable on this difficulty, whack the slider up another difficulty and start practicing again & continue to repeat this process untill you have reached your desired difficluty. Of course theres more to it than just that but your pickup the other stuff on the way. Like when turning up the difficulty your see how the bots act a little differently on each difficulty, which will help you learn how to adapt to them better & faster, rather than jumping straight into the deep end. A few other important tips imo are - Know the maps layouts well & locations of all pickups ect. Know when to run away and when to attack. Bots are somewhat predictable in regards to the paths they choose when going for guns/items so you can be one step ahead of them at times. If you are going to die, RUN AWAY and grab some health FFS!!. Learn how to use all guns equally, that is also VERY important. Always have a plan & dont stand around to long, learn how to navigate the maps so well you could run around them backwards and not hit any objects/get stuck ect. Get good at dodging non instant hit weapons like rockets/link guns primary fire ect ect..
                              Nobody is going to beat godlike bots without putting in alot of practice time 1st but dont worry, in time it'll all come naturally.

                              These tips apply best to deathmatches.

                              edit: Just to elaborate a little on why imho navigating the maps backwards is also important and a few more tips. If your health is low or your out in the open being chased by a relentless bot, if you can navigate the map backwards you'll be able keep an eye on the bots position and where they are shooting at you while trying to dodge it all, shoot back & stay alive untill you have found some health, cover, got the kill or been killed. These are perfect times to start spamming whatever weapons you have.
                              Spam shooting or blind firing weapons in the right place at the right time can also be another effective way of scoring a few kills but, if your going to do it, do it when you have a feeling there might something there cuz it could backfire & they could easily sneak up behind you.
                              Which brings me to another tip, sound. Always keep a ear open for gun fire or bots picking up items as this can tell you exactly where they are giving you a huge advantage if either A) You want to launch an attack on them or B) Run in the opposite direction with ur tail between ya the legs.
                              Also if at any point they start to run away from you this is a sign they probably have hardly any health or ammo which means, you need to finish them off quickly.
                              Final tip for the mo- Logically the higher ground players should have an advantage.. but thats not always the case.

                              Ut veterans probably know all this stuff already. Newbies might find something useful in there tho.

                              PS:I have not watched the vid just thought id throw in a few tips.