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[Video!] Downtown Carnage!

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    Blah, just boring.
    I think that record one match playing as spectacor and adding music isnt something very impressive.
    Got bored after 2 minutes. Only thing i liked was intro.
    Also, no game sounds, only music...
    If i would to watch something like this, i can get on every server as spectacor :S
    First off this video was requested by a member of the community.
    I used my talents, my own time, and my own rig. for free.
    all to help celebrate what a fun kikass game that we all enjoy and play.

    additionally videos like Abracadabra,
    kill guys like me who havent the talent, equip, or the server demos.

    take a step back and take it in as it comes.
    I think your expectations are set maybe a little too high.

    There are also people in these vids who just might like to see themself on You Tube !
    Imortalised for all of time!
    think before you jump in here, and slam my face in my work.
    there are more people in this than me alone.

    Also, there are those who have never played Warfare.
    and believe it or not there are also those who enjoy what i do.
    if you like it- fine - if you dont- fine- diversity is the spice of life. git ya groove on!

    Slippster, love the vids but too much music sounds....i also love to hear the sounds of the vehicles and weapons in it.
    I do want to apologise tho,
    I did have the music levels a tad too high, and it killed the game sounds.
    that one is absolutely my fault, but i cant go back and have everyone replay all those killer moves.
    because of the way i capture video, the music is captured along as the game is captured.
    it saves me an extra step of adding the music in post, and hoping the explosions work out.

    I do like a good balanced mix between the game sounds and the music.
    I shall make sure future vids have a solid mix before i begin capture.


      Originally posted by Slippster View Post
      Thanks bro! Anytime, im glad to be there!

      I make in-game gameplay videos. no montage, no clips, no fancy edits, no after effects ****-ola.
      gritty. hard core. the real deal. ingame action.
      Theres nothing 'hard core' or 'real' about **** graphics unless having an ancient computer is 'hard core'.


        Theres nothing 'hard core' or 'real' about **** graphics unless having an ancient computer is 'hard core'.
        nice attitude! thanks for the support! let me know when i can do you a favor ok?

        I just love this community.

        Thank you, drive thru!

        i just LOVE getting kicked in the F*cking BALLS for lending a helping hand.



          Stop slamming the guy already.
          The vids were good, apart from youtube hating my computer and taking a million years to buffer them.


            Stop slamming the guy already.
            Thanks for that. I dont know why ppl get off on slamming me.
            makes them feel "superior" in reality, it makes them look like a d!ck.

            Spidey you can download them at File Front - in WMV format. the download speed is 1 meg per sec.
            youll find the video quality is much much better than even HQ mode in You Tube!
            and the music rocks in stereo!

            have fun!


              Originally posted by Slippster View Post
              Thanks for that. I dont know why ppl get off on slamming me...
              Some people may be a little rude, but you should take criticism more graciously. Maybe you don't like what others suggest, but you should also realise that they might strongly dislike your style of presentation too, and they're entitled to voice their opinions.


                they're entitled to voice their opinions.
                I dont take insults graciously. do you?

                i will accept constructive criticism that supports what im doing.

                but slamming my rig and style doesnt support anything.
                it only inflates their egos which they can all wipe their @sses with.


                  Fix Client Side Demos !!!



                    Originally posted by Slippster View Post
                    I dont take insults graciously. do you?..
                    To do otherwise is to invite further insults.


                      just posting video is cause for insults, it seems to me.

                      if they fix client side demos my work "quality" will improve.
                      everyones will.

                      but screw that, right?
                      why do anything the COMMUNITY BEGS FOR?

                      Halo 3 has AWESOME video recording.
                      how the hell did epic, midway, or whoever drop the ball?


                        Slippster those are some awesome videos. Reminds me of why I love this game. I wish I could play as well as the guys on that server.

                        Could you say what software you used to capture the video while spectating. Is it something that can be downloaded for free ?


                          my methodology is wacked! but it works for me.

                          I have 2 pcs. specs in sig for the main rig.
                          other pc is a Compaq 5000 w/AMD Duron 800 mhz cpu!

                          I posted this before, here it is again so i dont have to retype it all

                          i have posted on this forum my techniques i use for capturing video.
                          ( ill post it again here, more in depth.)

                          currently im running fraps thru its paces and im not too fond of it.

                          sound isnt stereo if i port it into my pc from an external source then route it thru the line input,
                          then use the STEREO MIX slider to set the levels.

                          if i do that the music will be MONO.
                          only way to achieve STEREO is to use the same pc as the game and use MEDIA PLAYER and play the music.
                          it will then be stereo, but then im stealing cpu cycles by running a media player along with the game AND fraps.

                          i might go back to my original method:

                          heres my setup:

                          pc #1 runs the game
                          S-Video cables from my video card ( nview CLONE )
                          audio out cables - 1/8 stereo mini to RCA pair. audio out from pc.

                          i hook those cables to an analog to digital conversion box called DVD Xpress DX2
                          this box will convert an ANAOLOG video /audio to Divx AVI on the fly !
                          its a hardware encoder.
                          this device outputs the signal via USB.

                          enter PC #2 ( older Compaq 5000 Duron 800 meg cpu, Maxtor 7200 rpm drives)
                          hookup USB cable, turn on the recording software
                          i ususally use Divx 720x480 settings with highest quality output for audio
                          48000 khz at 384 kbps- at MPEG 1 layer 2 -thats why the music sounds so good in my vids.
                          ( and i know, most devices now use MP3, this one is a few years old, and doesnt offer MP3)

                          to put MUSIC in my vids i play a CD and port it into line input. on PC1.
                          ( or when using the DVD method i used PC 2 as the music source, and windows media player)

                          IN MY VIDEOS, THE MUSIC PLAYS AS I PLAY THE GAME !

                          now were ready to play and record!
                          play the game, play the music, record while playing, try to keep something interesting in the frame.
                          try to keep the action intune with the music lyrics
                          if its a metal song, usually its talking about kicking ***! so make stuff explode!
                          game over? stop the software. your video is now ready for editing
                          my two PC's are networked via a nifty USB cable that lets me send files back n forth.

                          so i drag the new vid to PC 1 and fire up Premiere Elements.
                          add my bumper at the front, a title graphic, trim the in and out points inb my vid,
                          then output the video in WMV format
                          still in the 720x480 frame size. usually at 5000 bit rate. ( or sometimes 3000)
                          2 pass - non drop frame at 29.97 fps - variable unconstrained bitrate mode - square pixels


                          then i upload to You Tube and File front.

                          alternatively you can hook your PC to a DVD recorder
                          S-Video cables and Audio hooked up to DVD Rec.
                          monitor it on a TV or smaller monitor.

                          then after i can port the video from the DVD using once again my little friend DVD Xpress
                          DVD Rec to PC .

                          the first method is the best because as PC 2 records, when its over all i have to do is drag the file over to PC 1.

                          i dont have to sit there and watch the video upload from a DVD

                          but ive done both methods in making my vids.
                          and all my vids are full games.
                          you will see a complete game play out, no clips thrown together as a montage.

                          I like to capture the action as a whole game. but it has to be intense.
                          I strive for intensity in onscreen action combined with the intensity of the music.
                          once those 2 meld, it becomes something very special.



                            Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
                            Some people may be a little rude, but you should take criticism more graciously. Maybe you don't like what others suggest, but you should also realise that they might strongly dislike your style of presentation too, and they're entitled to voice their opinions.

                            I'm sorry if you think I'm insulting Slippster but I am not. I'm simply suggesting as Mr Evil mentioned that what you are outputting is not that great in a certain aspect... namely the graphics. Now I don't expect a gameplay vid thats absolutely maxed but even competitive video casts such as those on have far better quality graphics.

                            I also understand you may have limited hardware but sometimes if you can't do something fairly well its not worth doing at all, especially when you are presenting it to others on the internet.

                            I encourage you to continue if you want to but if your videos continue to look worse than UT2004 I think it will be hard for many to appreciate any action occurring behind your videos visages of poor graphics.


                              I love how much sense it makes to have only server sided demos.


                                Smood have you downloaded and watched any of my vids in WMV format?
                                you'll see better quality.

                                I could do only AVI, like a few others,
                                but you'd have to download the video before you could watch it.
                                i try to make my stuff available to the widest audience possible.

                                yes the quality *COUGH*MULTIPLAYER-CLIENT-SIDE-DEMOS*COUGH* could be better,
                                and im trying to avail myself to as much information on these techniquies as possible

                                IM STRUGGLING HERE!

                                but im not gonna quit.

                                Thanks to everyone that supports me, it means alot.