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I'm considering to buy UTIII (pc)

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    I'm considering to buy UTIII (pc)

    Recently redowloaded the demo and beside the dead server brower the game is quite addicting. I never bought a UT before (although 2004 is installed in school) and I played the original. Although I have to admit I was more a wolfenstein/Quake Wars player so those games were just for when I was bored or when I wanted to beat the entire class.)

    Aside that demo runs very well on my machine (didn't get a single drop in FPS with everything maxed out) the game looks great too. And I like it more then 2004/original

    However, the reason I opened this topic is because I have two questions:

    Is the player base stable? (number of players on a monthly base, increase or decrease?). I don't ask for actual player numbers as I have seen with Quake Wars that the people always see the game dying early (whilst the number of players is the same in months).

    How is the modding community? I know their are a lot of custom maps but I'm talking about actual mods.

    The players seem to be growing, albeit perhaps slowly.
    The modding community is still largely in a learning phase, but stuff is being made.


      The PC player base is definitely smaller than the previous versions of the game, but depending on where in the world you are located, that shouldn't prevent you from finding a game to join at a reasonable ping. I've seen the numbers holding fairly steady after the first initial drop.

      Here are the actual stats:

      The mod community is doing okay, again smaller than the previous versions of the game. The recently announced Make Something Unreal Contest will no doubt boost those numbers. You can check up on the number/progress of mods right here: