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    Originally posted by MrGaMeOvEr View Post
    u mad? xDDD ~.^
    GOW knows were my allegience is, That was just me being me again. U mad???



      Im a bit confused, The maps you list in this tread are those you run in the maplist of the server? I looked around on your web page and found no list of what Maps are running on the Server (PS3).

      I think It would be great if you got a mappack (zip file) that you can download that contains all the maps that you run on the server?

      Or please post what maps the the server is running or fix a nice mappack. I so want to play some good warfare matches! It was one of the reasons I bought Ut3.

      Cheers to you for doing so much for the custom maps!

      Hope I will see you in there soon!


        oops double post *


          Where is my WAR-Intense ? :P


            This is a really old thread. I believe we started this before our website was up. ATX basically bumped this to try and get me in trouble with my clan. Because a few months ago I pulled his leg about starting a clan with him when he was first kicked from TwC....guess he didn't get the joke


              Originally posted by GOW_Nootsac View Post
              hey thanks bro you just reminded me about this post. Where have u been homie? do u play pc or just ps3? I would love for you to join our crew for some action and maybe even tag you up if your down. We practice wednesdays and sundays on the ps3 at 10 eastern and you can sign up on our practice schedule here:

              Theres a spot to add your name under the guest box and we list what maps we are playing ahead of time in case you need to download them. Man did u know you were the first person I added to my friends list. Good times we had then homie, hopefully we can get that poppin again.see ya around
              I'm here just ultra busy at work work work it neveeeeer ennnnnnnddddds!!

              Anyways, hell yeah, we had some sick games, "and" UT3 is still rockin out!
              Ill try to add you from the dashboard. I have a few freinds from XBLA joining this week and I hope you can show them to the PSN UT3 community in a Unreal style
              See ya soon