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    31 kills on the manta with approx 11 minutes of total driving time.

    ahhh desertblackcat, I remember you, you and arctic owned our arses off in suspense. Whatre you, 3rd in the leaderboards?


      Eleven Seven haven't seen you in a whaile how have you been.Yeah the clan holds the top 4 ranks on pure server. you need to come back and play with us some more do you have a mic?


        I'm suprised you remember me. And yes although I'm waiting for a headset im improvising with a rock band mic so if you see me standing around or feigning death, DONT SHOOT!! But yeah we should set up a game how bout you add me on PSN?


          109 nights of ut3 in a row every night... for an hr or so...


            4900 Kills with the Goliath turret, counted on 2 screennames and with both custom and pure servers.


              Originally posted by KlLLiNg_SpRee View Post
              2500 + killed carriers
              2500 + ret'd flags
              1500 + scored flags
              /\ /\ /\

              + a few hat tricks... over half of these stats were through my NoviceHoss acct, which had no team support and all of my matches were public servers.

              I'm quite sure dark was being sarcastic...the pc he posted is so old it'll only run

              LOL to be honest could not say what any of my stats are and nor do i care.Play for fun some of the best games that i've had,Ive been wiped out.


                Big Game Hunter 0
                Biohazard 0
                Blue Streak 0
                Combo King 0
                Flak Master 0
                Gunslinger 0
                Headhunter 0
                Jackhammer 0
                Road Rampage 0
                Rocket Scientist 0
                Shaft Master 0
                Top Gun 0
                Eagle Eye 0
                Bullseye 0

                I have over 2000 kills, with a 2.17 k/d ratio.

                Oh heres a good one: Time in Manta - 0h 0m 0s owned.