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    Intro and newbie ?s

    So I bought UT3 for PS3 a couple of days ago and have played a few hours in Campaign and online. Obviously I really like it or I wouldn't have joined the forum. I'm very comfortable with FPS (I don't know how many thousands of hours I've put into Halo CE, 2 & 3 as well as other FPS) so UT3 came pretty naturally.
    (end intro)

    Question 1:
    This is pretty broad and I'm hoping I can get some answers. Are there any "day-one" tricks in UT3? Things everyone who plays knows, except for the guy who just bought it yesterday.
    I've got all the basics down (double-jump, translocator etc.).For example, in Halo if you crouch at the apex of your jump you get just a little bit more which from then on you put in every jump you ever do.

    I know most of these kinds of things just come after playing (which I will since this game is pretty addicting already) but any help would be appreciated.

    Question 2:

    I've been considering getting a Bluetooth headset for UT3 but in the online games I've played I only hear the automated voices, never any human talking (read: trash-talking and "the sniper's mine!"). Can you not use a BT headset for UT3? D-pad right brings up a little microphone, but I just want to make sure I can use a headset for this game before I go get one.

    Thanks, and remember the nice quote: "...remember, you were a n00b once too."

    you already know about dodging, wall dodging and shock combo's ?

    dodging: pressing a key twice (fast)
    wall dodging, jumping to a wall, then do a dodge
    shock combo: shock rifle second and primary fire combined

    I have never heard someone talk online, so I think it's a waste of money unless you go pro with a team



      headsets work great . i have one for ut3 ps3
      in game hold d pad right and pause game let go and resume game , and then you have open mics

      psn name = your looking at it !!!