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Few Questions about UT3 !

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    Few Questions about UT3 !

    well finally i got this game but am i right that only a handful servers are online?????? it cannot be, can it?

    well it's really boring cause most servers only play the same 3 maps...

    also is it possible to deactivate the dynamic music? it really sucks sometimes to listen to the beginning of the song over and over again when you shoot an enemy and shoot the next one a bit later, i want this like older ut games...

    isnt it possible to deactivate the noobish arrows in ctf etc.? it really looks too big for advanced players.

    thanks, ut3 seems to be great but with all those minimum options i still play older uts more than this one if it wont be fixed.

    Ok so...

    1. Download the patches to update UT3 to 1.2. This will allow you to disable the arrows in CTF and VCTF.

    2. I didn't like the dynamic music either when I first got the game, so I purchased the ut3 soundtrack online, plopped it into my winamp playlist, hit shuffle and repeat, started up UT3, went to the in-game options and turned the music off so that I can play the game with UT3 music without the dynamic ****. I LOVE it this way. I actually think my playing skills have improved once I worked this out, and I enjoy the game a lot more.

    3. As far as servers're right, it's hard to find good traffic most of the time. During peak hours there are a lot of servers with players out there, so I would suggest finding one that doesn't play the same map over and over. I play ctf a lot and I prefer the flag junkies crib, where there is a good group of people and the maps don't get stale.