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    Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
    Keep, at it, and try advertising it on a few more forums.
    Maybe let people know a day or two in advance, Grinchy? I saw you put it online last night but it was after midnight in the UK (not usually a problem for me!) and the wife & I were having a few drinks so I wasn't allowed to join in If I know in advance I can book TV time with her


      im hoping we can get a few of us to do the same thing this summer...we all agree on what maps we will host, get people to download those maps and have as many of us hosting those custom servers throughout the holidays - i think it can work, just needs a bit more time to get people fully acquainted to the variety of custom mods that are out there (bearing in mind it has only been released in europe for a short while)


        Hey, no pics no download!
        I downloaded Nowhere cause you had pics and it was cool.
        Add me on UT3 and invite me whenever you're online, and I'm on!



          I'd be glad to play. Be sure to add flatwars and in some matches, killshot + low grav