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Family guy or simpsons mod

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    Tsssssssssss.........AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I would prefer to see Homer. I wouldn't want to see him very realistic though. I'd prefer him to be very cartoony. Just the flat colored white shirt, Blue pants. Just like he would look in the cartoon. Not very 3-d would be better. So he almost looks 2 dimensional cuz the colors are so bright and flat. And them mabey have his alternate pieces be more modelled, more 3-d looking, with the realistic UE3 colors and textures.

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  • started a topic Family guy or simpsons mod

    Family guy or simpsons mod

    i have seen character mod such as master cheif and samus and a killer bunny
    i heard some one say that there was homer on one of the ut's it got me thinking
    the next gen console should have two of my fav characters petter and stewie giffin and my be the simpsons family. This would be possible to do and would boost ut3 rating and give it more of a thums up. this sould be easier then making master chief as it cartoon. i got ideas such as when peter giffin fake his death (when you hold the down button) he should hold he knee like in the show when he falls over and grab his knee so funny