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    Originally posted by Jrubzjeknf View Post
    This was actually somewhat readable to me.
    well thanks at least someone understands


      Originally posted by Skywalker View Post
      SKUNDERbau, uh... I have seen players sabotage my vehicles and place trhem on my flag so I cant score. That is an issue that needs to be fixed because you cant boot players on Midway Servers. There needs to be a system set up to report this kind of ****. For the most part though the idiots you are refering to will likely leave the map soon or lose interst after you dominate / muder them and / or their team. I tend to **** off players online cause I score often anf I have had players follow me around just to sabotage my games. Thats sad but true. Only solution is to host your own games so your in control.
      I know exactly what you mean, there are people who do these sorts of things, they don’t have to be in communication with one another, to know what to do, just basic common sense, how to screw around with the other team, so they cant play and there are so many others whom feel the same way, i mean it makes you wonder if the ones whom are guilty of such actions are on here, defending themselves, by trying to take the **** with this thread…………….


        have you ever noticed, when u fire at someone and they dont die, i mean you hit them with to many bullets and rockets, is it me or does this happen to others?..........


          Noone ever grabs a avril to take a nightshade down... It isn't that hard...

          You can also take a tank down, by just shooting over it, get in line of sight and lock it, and go back where you hided and do this 4 times...


            The nightshade isn't that difficult to spot =]
            and if you've got some moron grappling you, you're going to get blown to pieces.
            And you're always going to get cheaters, not much you can do about that.
            And not being mean, but your post was really difficult to read.


              Originally posted by Froooooom View Post
              I really find it hard to read your post because of the long sentence (in fact, it's only one sentence!)


              yo hommie, add a period here and there. just some friendly advice to help you out on the boards ~.^