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[Video] UT3 Warfare Psycho Circus!

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    ITS A GAMEPLAY VIDEO!! get a clue!!

    im not George Lucas!

    its not supposed to have any of that.
    some get my work,some dont...
    you obviously dont.

    thank you, drive thru.


      you know, im reqally getting tired of ppl posting in my threads about what my work ISNT.

      if you hate it then i dont wanna hear it.

      if you love it, id like a bit of praise for my hard work.



        lol dude u need to relax... u gotta understand that good things are usually never fully appreciated... for ex: ut3 itself

        i saw the first 1 min of it on the site and i liked it a lot... dwnlding it now... i like actual gameplay videos more than frag movies...

        cheers for the video...


          Thanks! I know my video isnt "Abracadabra".

          but im not trying to be either.
          its apples and oranges.
          ive always done my videos the same way in all the games i play.
          exception is Eve Online which isnt a full game its a persistant universe.
          so i cant capture a "game" just some cool moments where the music gelled with the action.


            Do you use a controller or a game pad or a ps3? It doesn't look like you move your mouse at all.


              keyboard/mouse/ PC version of the game.

              yea i know im not a dancer... LOL
              I should play some DM and get my melee skills up .
              im always looking for the next opportunity to blow something up!
              ( its all about keeping the action in the frame, i know video is rolling, so it ads to the adrenaline rush.
              add the music on top of it, and you have one hell of a pure gaming experience!)

              since i dont do post editing i have to keep the video interesting while im ingame.
              again, alot of my UT3 game videos never make it past quality control for release.
              ( and i have quite a few believe me)
              just too many periods of boring time where nothing is happening.

              I almost had the core in this one!
              im like GO GO GO GO! DIE!! then that guy shpwed up and killed me.LOL
              we still won the game which is icing on the whole video.

              all good fun!