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The Abracadabra: the first UT3 movie

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    The Abracadabra: the first UT3 movie

    Hey, I've already posted about this in "Full releases" section, but I believe that some of you does not check that section regularly, that's why i wanna post about this movie in this section too.

    Name: The Abracadabra
    Author: wIz4
    Length: 05:13
    Filesize: 240 MB
    Resolution: 1280x720
    FPS: 30
    Video codec: x264
    Audio codec: AAC-FAAC - 160 kB/s, VBR

    ===== Music tracks =====

    1. Konami - Metal Gear Solid 3 Theme song
    2. ATB - No Fate


    Hi people, as far as I know, this is the first real UT3 frag movie with real frags and well known high skilled players! I have to say, we had different plans with Rypel for this contest, but we couldn't make them real, so I bring you at least this vid.
    Well, I thought UT3 was the perfect engine for moviemaking and it indeed has good potential, but there are still basically no tools except the RypelCam and client-side demos ain't working (even getting footage was kind of problem xD). But RCam is luckily the only tool UTer needs to make a movie. The other problem was recording footage, because once again, there wasn't any "dumpframes" tool. But hey, we have Rypel :>, who coded some sort of dumpframes. One needs uberpc in order to record in HD, because it doesn't record at stable FPS. Welll, I don't have such a PC, so you might find this quality a bit worse than you expected, but I did my best and think that it's not that bad .).
    Anyway, creation of this movie took like 2 weeks (I made a log of my progress, because I was curious how much time I was gonna spend on it ).
    This movie was released in three versions:
    - 720p x264 - HQ
    - 720p XviD - MQ
    - 400p XviD - LQ

    Special thanks go to all people who sent demos and helped me with this project in any way .). Oh btw, do not forget to check out #ut3.coverage for the best UT3 coverage, video streams and shoutcasts! That's probably all you need to know, enjoy watching this UT3 movie and thanks for downloading!

    ===== FAQ =====

    Why there are no in-game sounds in this movie?
    - Because there are nearly no sounds in server-side demos

    Why are weapon models sometimes visible and sometimes hidden?
    - Because weapon models were bugged that time I was recording, so I
    decided to hide those, which were not displayed properly.

    I can't see video in mp4 version, just sound.
    - Try to watch it in VLC player (

    This movie sux, how can I contact you and tell you?
    - I'm always at #ut3.coverage

    Why is it short?
    - Not enough footage, not enough time, not enough songs. Pick one. xD

    Why is there Xan in UT3 movie?
    - Xan rox and so does UT1.

    I can't think of any other question now, have a nice day .)


    Download: :: HQ 720p :: x264 :: MQ 720p :: xvid :: LQ 400p :: xvid :: HQ 720p :: x264 :: HQ 720p :: x264 :: MQ 720p :: xvid :: HQ 720p :: x264 :: MQ 720p :: xvid

    edit: sorry for acting like a jerk, that vid is awesome ^^
    No really, that was the SWEETEST video I EVER saw about ANY game!

    No words...just astonishing.



      Awesome vid...


        Amazing vid and awesome music choice. Reall, really enjoyed watching that. Please keep em coming


          Really sweet vid man, make some more!

          Originally posted by Belgian General View Post
          a .rar file? I'm not going to put time in unrarring sorry :s
 took my PC 8 seconds to extract the video


            Finally, a real frag movie! This goes directly to my vids of fame folder, I really like it. GJ


              put it on youtube.. can't be bothered to dl these hugeass movies. I got decent results on one I made last night (link in sig) most of it is UT2004 but I did a couple of frags in UT3 also. Recorded live 1st person with fraps so it kind of limited how well I could do..


                good video


                  Dude that video is beautiful!


                    HOT it be


                      gonna dl and check it out / im rendering my newest vid atm, so i cant watch it yet.
                      brb with my review. im sure ill love it, judging from the responses here.

                      yes i agree capturing video is quite a challenge.
                      i go from my video card to an analog to digital converter called DVD Xpress DX2
                      converts vid to divx avi on the fly and sends it to my PC#2 via USB cable.
                      then i use Premiere Elements and add titles and then i render to WMV format for distribution to the web.

                      I looked at Rypelcam but since client side demos are broken in multi i feel like im locked out of Rypels tools.

                      so i do as best i can with what i have.
                      i cant wait to see your video!
                      downloading now.


                        I'm sorry, but I'm not going to upload it to youtube in upcoming days. I'm busy with college + I do not really like how youtube can screw up the quality of vid. This is 720p with excellent image quality, on youtube it will look like ut1 :/. I might upload it on weekend, certainly not sooner. If any1 wants to convert it and upload, go ahead .)

                        For capturing: rypel made an experimental version of dumpframes (can be found on his sites), which makes much easier, but it still needs some improvements. And ye, if we had client-side demos, frags could be much better :/. Shame we gotta use server-side demos and therefore usually miss very nice frags :/


                          wiz, despite the fact that you don't have all the wanted materials/content, you still did a great job on the editing/music/effect and all the stuff. I enjoy watching it. Make me wanna go frag some right now.

                          Waiting to see some more



                            1st link = unwatchable my machine chokes.
                            2nd link= BAD pixelation both in WMP and Divx player = unwatchable.

                            3rd link = WATCHABLE! EXCELLENT QUALITY!

                            Review: OMG! my vids will NEVER look like this.
                            I dont have access to anything this high quality.
                            perhaps "some day" i can play with some HQ source video, and make something truly rockin!
                            i cant wait !

                            Man.... Bravo!

                            im gonna keep on keeping on with what I "do"

                            thanks for sharing your stuff with the community.
                            im stupified ......LOL great video!


                              Great movie.