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    Originally posted by HyBreed View Post
    now I'm not saying I'm getting the "Flak Master" reward all the time but you better watch out when I'm around carrying it
    I actually do have more Flak Master rewards than any others Many are still missing too, gotta go hunt rewards some time.


      2 noobs giving advice azeez and rhythem..


        Firstly, put Flak and Stinger at the top of your priority list, and force yourself to jump for those weapons all the time. Your frags will suck at first, but soon you'll become a pro because of this (not that I'm pro, but you get what I mean).

        Secondly, my flak tips:

        - ALWAYS try to take cover behind corners whenever you're holding the flak.

        - If an enemy is coming towards you around a corner, you move BACK, while at the same time throwing flak balls round the corner edge. You'll be hurting him, if not killing him before he gets a decent chance to shoot at you, so it is crucial you take cover behind corners.

        - Whenever an enemy is on a ledge above or below you, always throw flak balls up/down there (don't use primary), while trying to take cover behind corners or moving AWAY from the ledge. He'll have such a hard time hitting you while you're putting him in a tight situation.

        - Only use the primary FOR CLOSE RANGE BATTLES, or if you're chasing someone down.

        - Use 'surprise' primary attacks. If you're running away from an enemy and he's chasing you down, surprise him by suddenly dodging TOWARDS him and firing a primary in his face. Use surprise primary attacks from high ledges too, dodge down towards them and fire a primary in their backs. You're like an eagle swooping down on its unsuspecting prey.

        - Also the primary fire is excellent at finishing off crowded battles from long distances. Easy double and multi kills.

        Being an avid flak user, hope this helps. Now I'm gonna read tips on how to use the stinger because I'm a total noob at it.


          In ut99 players received a severe roasting for using flak, being called n00bs etc.
          In ut2k4, the "n00b" weapon was changed to the stinger.

          In ut3, no weapon has emerged as the weapon of noobishness.

          I am not saying i agree or disagree, tho i do use flak and very very rarely use stinger.

          Just some observations and also surprised no1 has said anything along these lines yet.


            Else play floodgate and stay going to the floodnode, and it will be impossible to not have a flak master ;p