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    Good with every weapon but...

    hey guys, i am good with pretty much every weapon.. except

    Flak and Stinger...

    Any tips to get good with either one?

    on pc or ps3?

    for pc, flak secondary is pretty useless. Massive amounts of spam, and since it has such a high arch and is so floaty, you wont hit much with it unless its complete and udder spam.

    You can learn to use it though, and can be effective, but primary 8/10 times is better.

    Flak primary up close is all about twitch aim. Hard to get a full flak shot at someone with a smooth mouse movement, like you do with a hitscan weapon at long range. You really need to twitch. Also, flak bounces around corners so you can use that to your advantage. You don't always need to see your opponent to hit him.

    Stinger is pretty easy. Secondary is powerful, but you really have to lead a lot and / or predict where they are going to maneuver to next . Primary stinger is best again, 8/10 times, but you need to lead about a half xhair length (40-60ping) with the default xhair (what i use). Practice with a friend. Have him just run in 1 direction, you stand still and get a feeling for how much you need to lead to hit with it. If you hold your xhair directly on your opponent you will be shooting behind him. (offline of course doesn't matter)


      It takes practice..when you jump in a server, try to use only your weakest your case its the flak and stinger.

      With flak, i find it really hard to be consistent unless you have mouse acceleration make sure you do that. After you do that, just play your game and you have to be really twitchy movements when you are using the flak.

      With the stinger, just keep your crosshair on the enemy at all times. Focus on your crosshair and your opponent...thats it nothing else. I find stinger secondary useless for most situations so i stick to primary.


        lol, thats the exact opposite of what I said above. That just goes to show you that no 2 players play alike. The real key is to find what works for you and master it.


          true, agree


            Ayeah my mouse accel is off... ill try them tips, thanks m8

            Ill go into a server and just use them weapons for a few days, sure ill die more, but i gota get them down!


              one more thing,

              with the flak primary, i usually shoot when the enemy lands from a dodge, that way they it will always hit. If you're in a face to face combat with someone, just keep strafing left and right till he lands from a dodge, then just flak primary to his face


                Some tips on the flak secondary. It does wonders when your opponent is above you, especially if there's a ramp. The flak is wonderful for indirect fire, or point-blank kills. Lob the shells up onto ledges or up ramps, unlike rockets which will keep flying straight, you're more likely to land the shells near their feet when you're firing up at someone, making it easier to hassle them.
                They will eventually land at the crosshair, but they've got a longer range than they seem like they do. They can be useful for "artillery" type attacks, and aiming down a bit will allow you to use them up close. You'll have to practice a while before you really get a feel for close-range flak shells, though.
                Stinger secondary can be good close-range, or when you catch someone off-guard. They've got a lot of knockback, and hitting someone off a ledge can keep them in the air long enough to land a few rounds into them before they land.


                  For the Flak I find opening with a secondary fire, closing the gap and then using a primary fire works great. The secondary weakens them and allows you to attack at a distance. When you get close, the primary will tear them to pieces if it hits.

                  Since I'm not that good I usually just stick with the secondary fire. It's not very powerful in terms of splash damage but if the grenade hits right on it's usually a kill unless they have a shield or something.

                  All I can suggest about the stinger is use the primary and practice keeping your crosshairs on the enemy. The secondary mode is so slow and not really powerful enough to warrant a miss (since you could've used your primary and actually do some damage!), I only use secondary when I know it'll hit (eg. the enemy didn't see you and is running in a straight line).


                    now that i think about it, i meant to say that uncontrolled twitchy movements are badd..once you have practiced enough with mouse acceleration off, you will be able to know how much you need to move your mouse so your xhair lands on your opponent.


                      I've found that tweaking my mouse to the absolute lowest dpi/sensitivity that I can possibly handle has worked wonders for my stinger aim. It's very easy to track players now. The reason why rythem and AFG34 have different answers for the stinger is because they're both correct. Stinger has some inaccuracy so you don't necessarily have to be completely locked on to your opponent. However, I've found that the better you track your opponent, the more effective the stinger is.

                      Flak takes practice to get the timing down. rythem says secondary flak is worthless. It's not completely worthless. If you can get used to the trajectory of the flak ball, it turns out that a quick splash hit with the secondary flak and a follow-up with primary flak is a pretty effective combo and makes the weapon somewhat useable at mid range.

                      Just my $0.02


                        Actually, once you get used to the Flak arc, you can use it even without spamming. It's really predictable where the thing flies, it seems, or I wouldn't hit people with it at all


                          I've noticed that if you aim slightly down from the opponent, the flak will hit the ground and level out after the bounce. Does more damage for me, because it puts the flak in a slightly tighter grouping. I may just be stoned though.


                            if you're good with the Pulse Rifle alternate fire mode, how come you're not good with the Stinger?

                            First I really didn't like the Flak Cannon, but after I forced myself to play with it each time I picked it up for a few days, I started to get the hang of it. now I'm not saying I'm getting the "Flak Master" reward all the time but you better watch out when I'm around carrying it


                              Flak and stinger are my 2 favourites! I've made more kills with those 2 than any other weapons (

                              I'm not particularly great at the game but they are definitely my weapons of choice!

                              My tips for these is high mouse sensitivity. If you're not used to playing with the mouse sensitivity high (8000) then it will take a lot of getting used to.

                              The advantage is, for flak, it lets you easily catch good players close up who like to jump past you or run around you. Turning to face/shoot them is much quicker and easier.

                              With the stinger, I think it makes tracking the other player's left/right dodging easier cos you don't have to move the mouse as far to follow their strafing.

                              The downside, with my approach is I think it makes sniper shots a lot harder, but I've never been any good at high precision shots anyway.

                              Other tips for flak:

                              - If somebody is medium distance, injured, running away down a corridor, pepper them with flak primary not secondary. Secondary takes too long to arrive in that situation, and, even though primary spreads out a lot, its amazing how many people you can kill by just knocking off their final 15 health with this tactic if they've already had a fight and are running away.

                              - Flak secondary is great for launching down ramps or into confined spaces. I treat it as a rocket with a crazy arc, with its splash damage working well off walls and floor.

                              Stinger tips:

                              - Primary: To keep the crosshair on your enemy continuously there are a few predictions you can make. If you're facing off in a corridor and the enemy moves right (to your left) and you follow them with the crosshair, it may sound obvious but they are most likely going to be coming back the opposite way... either immediately or soon after. By readying yourself for this 'return journey' you can almost get into a rhythm of perfectly following their left/right strafe so the crosshair never leaves them. Better players will leap and jump a bit but with high mouse sensitivity it's much easier to bring the crosshair back on target without too much interuption caused by their jump.

                              - Secondary: Not as useful but has its moments. If someone's running away down a corridor it works well for delivering the finishing blows. It's big problem is that it's slow and not hitscan like the primary. I also use it when wandering into someone else's fight, spraying it in from the side to maybe steal a kill If that happens, and I'm left with the other enemy I normally switch back to primary to track the remaining enemy's strafe pattern.

                              as with all weapons, practise makes perfect... run a few maps with weapon replacement on, replacing all weapons for the one you're weaker with so you get more chance to master it.