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I'm unhappy with ut3

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    I'm unhappy with ut3

    I have just had my first online game of ut3 since the last patch.
    I almost don't know what to say, its smooth yes, it looks good, check...
    It still plays ok, sure it was fun in CTF on a very expensive server... But thats just it, it had to be a very expensive, massive bandwidth server.

    But I'm just so dumbfounded by some of the more stupid decisions epic made with this game. And as a long time UTer (nearly 10 years now would you believe), UT3 is my least played, and least liked.

    I WANT TO LIKE IT though. I really want to like this game. But as I get older and wiser, you come to realise what really made things in your past special, or what DIDN'T make it special.

    Slow weapon switching wasn't it, fun factor reduced by 25% right there (if you think otherwise, get a cup of water, turn on your computer, open your case and poor the water in).
    The netcode in UT99 was better than this. How can you possibly go backwards so badly, 10 years down the track? We have to leed in proportion with ping now? Are you kidding me?
    Don't get me started on the menu, its been done to death.

    All of these things have been hassled at by the community, and guess who cares? Well no one who made the game does. And thats just sad. I feel stupid just making this post as well, that I've come to this conclusion. I hyped this game up in a huge way to anyone that played FPS games, all of them disappointed. None of them want to play again. Why? "too hard to get into", "The netcode was laggy, most of my shots didn't show on screen", "why can't I get another gun out?".

    New UTers, well not anymore.

    I just don't know how you can spend potentially 5 years and come out with a game with so much potential, and have none of it realised. Thats what sucks the most, it SHOULD have been the next massive FPS game.

    Hell I don't even know why I'm bothering to type this. It doesn't make any differense. No one in epic will listen anyway. You'll all probably just say "wah wahh stop whinging, its been said".
    I'm not sure why, I'm really not.