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Crucial Info for those who do Video ( you tube info )

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    heres how i do video:

    it involves additional hardware, some of which you may already own.

    im no expert.
    im an enthusiast whos been making vids since 2003,
    and a tiny game called Tachyon the Fringe.

    those who know me, know how hard it was back then, because you tube did not exist yet,
    and the web wasnt too savvy about hosting video.

    I had a MSN Groups page as my webpage, and they only allowed 1 meg file size.
    so as you can see my talents were challenged from day 1 as far as attaining
    file size vs. quality.
    at 1 meg i had to super compress the vids,
    or keep them short enough so that compression wouldnt hamper the visuals.
    most of the time they were short clips. like 30 secs or so.
    but my format of choice has always been WMV,
    ( not saying "thats the way to go", just how i do it)
    because everyone already has the player, and wont have to go download anything to watch it.
    not having a teacher made me scour the web and cobble together my own methods.
    I think ive done pretty good, considering.

    good luck! if you have any ?'s ill try to help you as best i can.


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    Hey what program are you using to record the video's? Just wondering because fraps will only let me do 30sec clips.

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    Problem is, I can't seem to upload another one that will work with it
    ahh, i see. gotcha.

    i tried something like your setup before i got my DVDXpress thingy.

    i have a Ti4600 in my old pc which has VIVO - video in / video out
    but the interlace is so horrible.
    its like downloading television.
    and i never tried virtual dub, it always seemed like too many steps when i was first starting out.

    so my methods lean to getting as much done in each step as possible,
    so that in the end, its basically drag n drop, and click render.

    but now im opening up new avenues of thinking how to do things.
    the discussion is good for exchange of ideas and also it puts things down in writing so others can compare/contrast to their methods.

    edit- just saw your reply-
    glad you got it sorted !!

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    After reading the Youtube blog I little, I gathered it takes some extra time for their system to set up HD viewing for a vid.

    So I left one of my small private test vids up for an hour or two, and sure enough it started working with the &fmt=6 thing after all.

    Yeah, I was just making the whole thing more complicated than it had to be...

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Originally posted by Slippster View Post
    it works fine for me .... &fmt=6 is there. looks good.
    Oh yeah, that video works with &fmt=6 fine. Problem is, I can't seem to upload another one that will work with it... I'm sure I must have changed a setting somewhere in the process...

    I capture by using the svideo out on the graphics card. That goes to a scan converter box (so I can play at my usual high resolution), and from there to a video input card on a second computer (which receives it as a standard NTSC signal, at 720x480 and 29.97 fps).

    VirtualDub saves video from the capture card uncompressed... actually there's a couple uncompressed formats in there ... not sure if either ones better... I do know I have to be careful color depths, or funny things happen later...

    Anyway, after saving the captured video to a file, I use VirtualDub in normal mode to apply a few filters to it. Mainly I want to apply the "SmartDeinterlace" filter, with "Edge-directed interpolate" enabled. I love this filter, it gets rid of interlace better than anything else I've tried. I also throw sharpen and SmartSmoother in there. Still save the whole thing uncompressed, or anyway whatever segment of the original file I've selected.

    I would like to do compression in that same step, but I've been wanting to try AVIDemux for compression, and it doesn't have that particular deinterlace filter. So I have to make two steps out of it.

    And I can't get any of VirtualDubs "two pass" compressors to work anyway, they always crash. And a lot of advice I've seen about youtube videos seems to favor 2 pass, variable bit rate compression.

    I use AVIDemux as described by Nukedeath, applying MPEG-4 AVC(x264) compression, 2 pass, average bit rate of 7000, etc.

    Up till recently I was using MP3 Lame for the sound, with a lot of compression. I'm pretty sure I used MP3 for sound on the last video I did, where &fmt=6 worked... but possibly not... Actually right about now I feel like it would have been a good idea to keep notes about what I was doing...

    Anyway, I've been trying different things for the last few hours. I noticed in your earlier explanation you seem to be using pretty high quality sound. I'm going to try leaving that uncompressed next and see how that goes.

    Thanks for your notes, I'll probably try some things out of those too, if these programs I have are set up for it...

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  • replied
    Simple solution. Use a different video hosting site. I use and they allow for videos of any quality up to 720p.

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  • replied
    it works fine for me .... &fmt=6 is there. looks good.

    edit: WOW !! the video is VERY SMOOTH - good frame rate -
    what did you use to capture the video?

    i see you say Virtual Dub? in the same pc? or ported video from video card to a 2nd pc?

    im lost- how did you capture? Fraps? looks too smooth for fraps....

    I use the 720 x 480 frame size for the finished video.
    I render to WMV in Premiere Elements. usually at 4000 bitrate.

    thats all i do. it works. what resolution is your video?

    if you're using 320 x 240, then you wont get the benefit of the &fmt=6 setting.
    your video needs to be larger than that, so it can have something to "upgrade to"

    on an side note,
    I listened to a few music videos using the &fmt=18 setting, and instantly had STEREO!
    I gotta say its awesome hearing Judas Priest in stereo on you tube.

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  • replied
    Ok, I made a test youtube video using videodub and avidemux with x263 two pass variable bitrate and so on, and it can be viewed using the &fmt=6 modifier for higher resolution, thusly.

    So then I tried another one, and I suppose I must have done something a little differently because it can't use the &fmt business.

    Can you tell me, what is the magic thing I have to do, to make youtube put this up as a vid capable of using &fmt=6, exactly?

    Or should I say, are there any things you can think of that might keep Youtube from making the vid capable of using &fmt=6...

    Argh. It worked 1 time and now it will not work any more. WHAT THE HELL.

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  • replied
    wow Nuke you challenge my talents.
    and my methods.

    but i see your point.
    the method you outline there sounds alot like what i was doing all summer
    making a DVD and demuxing for that end use,
    so those techniques are familiar but i never thought about doing that for my game videos.

    ill have to rethink my methods.

    question- do you retain the game sounds?
    or completely eliminate them and use music in post editing?

    i have to have my music.
    thats what my vids are.
    and preserving the ingame environment sounds too.

    i wanna do 1 video * your way * of processing.
    I have several Fraps videos ready to go!
    just waiting for processing/editing
    (i pumped music into them as well.)
    i do want to learn something new.
    thats what your site is about. and well talk more...

    but know im interested in working with you ok?


    OH, and for all you NON -METAL HEADS-
    i DID make a video last night and i used SADE music !! Love Deluxe
    also another one with Jean Michel Jarre.

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  • replied
    wait a minute-
    lets weed out the term "Death Metal"

    Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde ARE NOT DEATH METAL !!!!!!!!
    i cannot say that loud enough.
    its ROCK N ROLL!

    get off your soap box mmkay?

    I know- its only rock n roll BUT I LIKE IT !! - Rolling Stones

    asking me to change the way i present my videos is disrespectful.
    want just ingame video and nothing else?

    ask Prince to stop wearing frilly clothes? not gonna happen!
    ask Pete Townsend to stop doing the windmill? not gonna happen!

    ask me to remove the driving force that makes my videos what they are ?? SORRY! NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
    your opinion has been noted. thank you, drive thru.

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  • replied
    *** its worth mentioning all my vids at this point ARE NOT FRAPS VIDEOS.
    they are Divx avi's edited in Premiere Elements, and rendered to WMV format,
    then uploaded to You Tube.
    That is like nightmare quality..

    for max quality you want:
    fraps edited in Premiere (RAW FOR GOD SAKES) -> Exportet in RAW AVI -> Then encoded with Avidemux..
    Because now the videos are encoded only once!.. and it shall only be once!
    Because each time you encode the video you get quality reduction.. think about that

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  • replied
    To be honest there is an improvement but not by that much for resolution. As for the music, I support those against death metal. Death metal in gaming is plain BAD imo. Like trying to race with a 50ton tank and expecting ppl to not notice or giving very little kids drugs/alcohol/other **** and expecting them to know how to use it, like it and be pro at it. The Death metal not only removes ALL atmoshpere and feel of the game but makes it disconnected with the actual video footage. Like watching a movie on your TV but the sound is instead someone talking on the news. It makes the two things completely different instead of complimenting each other. Video itself is ok though can use a little more Sony Vegas edits. As for your godlike, pretty nice. My own personal was on Floodgate when I got in the nightshade in the beggining of the game and did NOT get killed the whole game. It was a relatively pro server too (Phx server) and the kills were somewhere around 55...what stopped me was the game ending lol.

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  • replied
    like I said forgive my ignorace Thanks for your help Slippster!

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    i just outlined above how to do a Fraps-less capture.

    the hardware is an encoder.
    it encodes the video as it processes the signal all in real time.

    you kno0w that when you make a video in Premiere, rendering can take many minutes if not hours.

    this crunches it all on the fly.
    the DVD Xpress i use - i bought at wal mart 2 years ago-
    so its been updated by a new product im sure.

    and most prob will do HD.

    i have not explored HD yet.

    i think its overkill. unless youre doing 3D rendering like that 1 guy doing the Machinma project with 3D vehicles from the game.

    id like to see alternatives to in PC capture.
    any besides Fraps anyone knows about and has had good results ?

    and i dont wanna hear about camtasia. thats off the table.

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  • replied
    forgive my ignorance but can I capture my games without fraps. Say if I bought some hardware that does it or is the hardware just for capturing from an external source? Of course I mean capturing in HD so the video quality is crystal clear.

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