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Crucial Info for those who do Video ( you tube info )

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    heres how i do video:

    it involves additional hardware, some of which you may already own.

    im no expert.
    im an enthusiast whos been making vids since 2003,
    and a tiny game called Tachyon the Fringe.

    those who know me, know how hard it was back then, because you tube did not exist yet,
    and the web wasnt too savvy about hosting video.

    I had a MSN Groups page as my webpage, and they only allowed 1 meg file size.
    so as you can see my talents were challenged from day 1 as far as attaining
    file size vs. quality.
    at 1 meg i had to super compress the vids,
    or keep them short enough so that compression wouldnt hamper the visuals.
    most of the time they were short clips. like 30 secs or so.
    but my format of choice has always been WMV,
    ( not saying "thats the way to go", just how i do it)
    because everyone already has the player, and wont have to go download anything to watch it.
    not having a teacher made me scour the web and cobble together my own methods.
    I think ive done pretty good, considering.

    good luck! if you have any ?'s ill try to help you as best i can.