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Crucial Info for those who do Video ( you tube info )

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    Slippster, your post says "crucial info" but tbh the improvement is minimal. And yes I have 20/20 vision, it's called contact lenses. Wonders of technology..

    The real intent of your post is obvious, and that is to pad your video with hits by not only having one link to it but 2...


      I disagree Bersy.... I do.

      Plz look at two versions of my video:


        ...there is simply no way that is minimal, my dogggggggggggggggg


          sweet man, big diff between the two. Nice find.

          And as for the Linkin Park comment, what would you have instead?


            Whats wrong with Veoh?


            download it 160 megs and looks pretty frickin good?



              HOW do you play at that framerate?!?!??!


                Whats wrong with Veoh?
                no ads on my vids!

                also i never heard of veoh. ( also i didnt like the "how old are you" page. my vids are for all ages.)
                it tried to install something in my browser which im not too fond of too.
                yellow bar at top of screen maybe a popup?
                whatever it was, i didnt allow it to install.

                Hasta your vids are night n day as well, the quality IS THERE with the addon.

                for those of us who are struggling with file size vs quality this is a godsend.
                and for those of us who know- it IS crucial.

                its the difference between an average looking vid, and one that makes you stop and watch.
                and if your vision is that blurry, and you cant tell the difference,
                then youre not the target audience for this tweak are you?

                but others wil notice.
                and i know too.
                so now i can drop HQ links to my vids, instead of crappy normal quality links.
                its a win-win!

                and im not padding my hit count.
                if i wanted to do that id bump my other post about making my File Front page.
                ffs all im trying to do is help all of us that do video.

                I discovered it this morning, i got excited, and posted about it.
                nothing more nothing less.

                i dont care about hit counts.
                im not selling anything.

                when some dude makes a stupid video about being inside a car
                and screaming and acting like a complete idiot,
                and that video gets over a million hits, i stopped caring about hit counts.

                and for that matter- the Guitar Hero guy who beat the game?
                his vid beating the game - over 5 MILLION HITS.

                nope i dont care not a wit about hit counts.
                Funk Dat!

                what matters to me is WHO sees my work - NOT HOW MANY.


                  I went to the user control panel on youtube and set the playback setting to "always play at high quality" but it still doesn't display the video at the higher quality. I tested this with some videos that I know have higher quality, because adding &fmt=6 to the end of the URL puts it into higher quality.

                  I was hoping to not have to add &fmt=6 anymore on higher quality capable videos


                    Originally posted by Hastaj00 View Post

                    HOW do you play at that framerate?!?!??!
                    I am PRO. :P

                    Not really, but 30 fps is pretty smooth on my rig.
                    I also have so much play time that I know how to move while being down on FPS.

                    Veoh, I like. I am pretty sure they allow HQ xvid and Divx uploads.
                    I like the veoh tv that you can download, its just cool.

                    You tube is grandfathered in, I also dont like the Obama/clinton,,,ect ect ect, **** that is on that site. I just shy away. I was thinking of multicasting my uploads threw Veoh! If you set it right 1 upload goes to 3 or 4 different video hosts, 1 being you tube. So if you want views on Vids with the least amount of upload time----veoh.


                      &fmt=18 is better than &fmt=6, not by much though. I just found out about this last week looking at some MKDD tutorials.


                        fmt18 is their MP4 ipod codec standard.
                        frame size is smaller so it condenses, BUT audio is STEREO.
                        (he explains it in the video how it all works.)

                        WHAT LOOKS "BETTER" WILL VARY FROM VID TO VID.
                        not all vids will go HQ - some of my earlier stuff wont - like my Tachyon vids.
                        so not everything on you tube is HQ ready.

                        but eventually will come a breakpoint where there is more than less HQ ready vid.
                        then well see sweeping changes.

                        but this is new and not alot of ppl know about me til yesterday.
                        and alot of you right now just finding out.

                        it only gets better.,...

                        ill look into veoh........i didnt like seeing ads overlayed on the video,
                        so the viewer has to lose attention to click off some stupid ad.

                        if thats veoh standard policy, you wont be seeing my vids there.
                        i dont care how cool veoh is.
                        NO ADVERTISING !!!


                          Hey Slippster! :P

                          My Flashservice got Waaayyyy better quality than youtube
                          But then again.. youtube has more viewers..


                            Visited Your Site..lookin Good My Friend!


                              what do you guys use to capture the video? Fraps or that ZD software or what??


                                One of my crappy vids.


                                I've just noticed that if I view it using the &fmt=6 thing it comes up squashed in the x axis.

                                Can I take advantage of this &fmt=6 deal by uploading these things in the original NTSC DVD format, without resizing to 640x480 or whatever I mean, or do I need to do something else?

                                m3fs: I'd answer your question but the setup I use doesn't produce great looking results. I like it because it gives the vid a nice smooth framerate at least and doesn't steal cpu cycles when I'm trying to play. Yeah I know I've got the sound quality turned down low and I've left out the rear channels and there's no titles and stuff. Don't really care about that. I'm hoping there's some combination of formats and filters and bitrates and whatnot that'll improve the result but so far this is about as good as it gets. One of these slick producers from earlier should answer you in detail. I'd love to hear what they say too.