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    Oh my, well 1 of my many problems is shadows......

    looks like that. I also see FOV change on me allot, my karma level seems to go to extremes, normally the suckiest extreme.

    i think I fixed it for now, I uninstalled ati tool, quik time, and deleted all the files in Mygames/Unreal tournament 3/UTgame/config.

    Sometimes just doin this doesn't work.

    I made another new maps video, I used fraps, WMM - saved as Windows media HD for Xbox 360. Didnt have to encode it at all after that just uploaded to veoh and bang it works, great size and quality.( this last video I turn the world and textures down to 3)

    I may be popping around online looking for live servers with custom maps to capture.
    I also see a thread started with custom maps all grouped together I have to get in there and download me some maps. :P


      Try turning off SuperFetch and see what happens.


        Originally posted by Tweakd View Post
        Nothing wrong with Vista so i doubt its that.
        Sounds like SPAMBOTS, MALWARE, and VIRUSES to me. They come preloaded on most new computers and devices that you connect to your computer. Vista makes it even easier.


          I looked for superfetch, I can't find it.

          Yes i believe it is spam botts, some weiner lately has come into a pub and asks who wants cookies then I can no longer play.
          I cant get the live online demos to play right, I can make the demos play while I am hosting a match with bots, but nothing live.
          I was running a demo 1 match and bombs were dropping on me I couldnt see from where, I really wanted to go back and see WTF.


            How to turn off superfetch: